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Synonyms for regroup

organize anew, as after a setback

reorganize into new groups

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However, I tell you, it will take time for them to regroup and to retrain themselves because a lot of their members were killed and many of their equipment were destroyed," he said.
This partnership with Regroup means that our clients will now be able to communicate more effectively — whether it be an emergency alert or an important daily announcement — with their employees across multiple channels.
From this cooperation, clients of DubLabs will now be capable to avail Regroup Mass Notification as scheduled part of DubLabss 3rd party mobile app offerings.
Jackett added: "We need to regroup and regroup quickly.
According to intelligence inputs, the two groups making desperate attempts to regroup are the Babbar Khalsa International ( BKI) and Khalistan Zindabad Force ( KZF).
Boss Brown said: "We'll just have to regroup for the semi final and finish the season positively.
2 : to form into a group again <To subtract 129 from 531 regroup 531 into 5 hundreds, 2 tens, and 11 ones.
We're going to regroup - we want the Travers and we want the Breeders' Cup Classic.
This setback can be turned around; now is the time to regroup and refocus.
We have said that we will fulfil our fixtures to the end of the season, and that will give us the chance to regroup in the summer.
It's just nature, a great place to regroup with family.
Can you tell me why you need to regroup in the tens place?
Harris evolves Baptists as they develop doctrine, establish institutions and missions, split and regroup, all in history and in competition or cooperation with other denominations or political entities.
Once a taxpayer has grouped activities under this section, it may not regroup them in subsequent tax years.
He says: "I can tell you there are Al Qaida operatives in Paktia right now who are going to great lengths to try to regroup or regenerate.