regression curve

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a smooth curve fitted to the set of paired data in regression analysis

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However, there is a high degree of uncertainty for establishing a regression curve when having only one sample at the end of the curve, thus, this data was not presented in the graph (Figure 2C).
1), one can state that the measured plots are better approximated by the regression curve (parabola) than by the regression line.
Then, the regression curve was derived; in particular, the dashed part of the curve was extrapolated assuming a friction coefficient of about 6% for the sliders, to take into account the moderate value of pressure.
Where [epsilon] is a random variable that indicates the variation of Y around m(x), that represents the mean of the regression curve E (Y\X= x).
In this method, regression curve g(p) is considered to be linear in sufficiently small vicinity of a given point p0 and baseline is then approximated by applying least-squares technique.
This means that the least-squares constrains all regression quantile curves to be parallel to the regression curve corresponding to the conditional mean with only the intercept allowed to change.
If the regression curve is linear, the slope of the line of best fit is the initial velocity of the reaction.
As for learning achievement, it is composed of past tests and is the regression curve indicated on the multidimensional parallel axes for predicting learning trend.
But now we have to make sense of a bunch of dots with a regression curve.
The gels were photographed and the relative molecular weights (Mr) of proteins bands obtained were determined by using statistic method of calculating standard linear regression curve of standard protein markers (MS Excel; version 2007).
Similarly, they make it possible for the first derivative of the regression curve to be calculated, thereby enabling the different stages of growth to be defined as the species increases in size.
The minimal possible change of electrical capacity [DELTA]Cmin [F] can be determined through derived function of regression curve according measured data -polynomial of degree of three in our case.
Figure 2 shows the regression curve between dNDFI and methane emission.
Secondly, which instrumentation variation has the best discriminatory capability (which has the highest value of b, implying the logistic regression curve would be steep, providing a sharp delineation between the "fall" and "no fall" regions).