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the number on the license plate that identifies the car that bears it

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He listed the number of the Nissan vehicles to include Nissan Almera with registration number ABG 577 XA, Nissan Sunny with registration Number AKM 694 ZW, Nissan Almera with registration Number GNN 368 AA, Nissan Sunny with registration number AKR 153 YZ, Nissan Sunny with Registration Number AAB 812 and Golf III car with registration number KJA 805 AR.
When Apple Daily followed up and contacted 'Hoffman Consulting' directly, Hoffman told them that as a private company, the registration number was not listed publicly.
The van collided with a Suzuki van bearing registration number BD 3581 Peshawar parking on a roadside.
At the time of their arrest, the suspects had changed the vehicle registration number to KCN 987P.
As part of this process, du customers can provide the company with their FTA issued Tax Registration Number (TRN) along with other details through a special web form accessible through the company's dedicated VAT webpage.
Summary: Tax Registration Numbers will be collected so eligible customers can claim tax refund
Under the new process of vehicles registration, adopted by the E and T Department the owners of motorbikes would get registration number and registration book within 24 hours after applying for the same to the department anywhere in the province.
When Prof Dora Akunyili, NAFDAC's Director General, heard about Malaysia's Meditag[R], a uniquely numbered tamper-evident holographic label issued for all registered medicines, she recognised that a similar solution would help NAFDAC demonstrate the legitimacy of the registration number appearing on products.
In a decision dated March 1, 2017, the NANB Discipline Committee reprimanded Natasha Lorraine Brown, registration number 027072, for professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a member and a disregard for the welfare of a vulnerable patient under her care as demonstrated by a breach of patient privacy and confidentiality and failing to protect the patient's right to privacy and confidentiality.
He was caught out when the registration number of the vehicle he had used was written on a mirror he had left at the scene.
After two weeks, the police informed us that the white van was on camera, but unfortunately the registration number could not be read and the investigation would be taken no further.
An automatic number plate recognition system had clocked my registration number and up went the barrier.
I have to apply for a permit for my car which lasts three years, but the problem is, I have to apply for a visitor permit in case anyone visits me on event days, and I have to predict who that might be because I have to give the visitor's registration number when applying for my visitor's permit.
He added: "The silver BMW is believed to have a false registration number of TJZ 6053.
The victim was unable to note down the registration number of the two- wheeler, as it was dark.