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Synonyms for registration

the act of enrolling

the body of people (such as students) who register or enroll at the same time


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a document certifying an act of registering

(music) the sound property resulting from a combination of organ stops used to perform a particular piece of music

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Jimenez added that as a policy, the registration of those who failed to vote in the 2018 barangay and SK polls and in the May 2019 local and national elections had already been deactivated.
The director noted that the registration covered products from the five states of the South-East, which included: Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo states.
Mr Maroba said copies were available for inspection at the offices of principal registration officers and principal elections officers in the 57 constituencies during office hours.
Before getting to the registration desk, ensure that you have your National Identification Card with you.
According to an E and T spokesman, the E and T Punjab introduced the smart card last month for registration of vehicles and abolished the traditional vehicle registration books.
According to E and T sources, new smart cards have replaced vehicle registration books.
Whether Texans drop their registration cards into a mailbox or sign up through a volunteer voter registrar, thousands of voter registration cards pour into local elections offices where county workers rush to process them in the short window between the registration deadline and the day Texans begin heading to the polls.
If a registration is not renewed during this period, FDA considers it expired and removes the facility's registration.
Carry out a camera check in the State Register of Real Property Rights on Real Estate of the Utility Enterprise "Center for State Registration of Real Rights and Business" dated 03.08.2018.
They said that Nadra introduced Civil Registration Management System at all of its swift registration centres several years ago.
An improved health care service is difficult to achieve until all the issues and challenges in medical image registration are identified and subsequently solved.
The election registration boards (ERBs) in each town and city are still in the process of hearing and approving the applications for voter registration, according to Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez.
SHOT Show registration fees have a direct impact on NSSF's ability to continue its focused initiatives on Capitol Hill.
The very high REACH registration costs (ECHA fees, lab tests, etc.) had already caused a pricing impact for the registrations for the tonnage bands done so far (1.000+ tons p.a.