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a person who is formally entered (along with others) in a register (and who obtains certain rights thereby)

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It is also seeking a broader view from registrants on the optical profession, including potential challenges in the workplace and how the profession could develop over the next few years.
Unlike our three other core functions of setting standards, maintaining the register and approving qualifications, the FTP process is one which most registrants will be far less familiar with.
The NANB Registrar has issued a conditional registration to Julie Ann Aucoin, registrant number 020047 effective April 28, 2017.
The PLG comprised a variety of stakeholders, including service users and carers, professional bodies, employers and registrants.
The agency is also publishing an additional list to raise awareness on the substances (around 700) for which the ECHA has so far neither received a lead registrant nor a registration despite the fact that the industry has flagged its intention to register the substance in 2013.
The registrant registered the domain name and is using it in "bad faith.
The proposed regulations would require a registrant to provide disclosure for each category of short-term borrowings relevant to it, even if one or more of those categories would not be required to be reported as a separate line item on its balance sheet under Regulation S-X.
2) January or February and who file a Registrant Bar Application by the following June 15; or
Registrants from 47 states and the District of Columbia representing 215 cities will converge in Portland, Ore.
The panel heard that some consent forms had not been signed by both the registrant and the participant and that a number of treatment bottles that Gibson had apparently allocated to people were still in the pharmacy.
who cancel on or before September 29 will receive a full refund less a $75 processing fee per registrant.
If the lessor subcontracts the maintenance to a Canadian registrant, the registrant is required to invoice the GST and HST (since the supply does not appear to be covered by a zero-rated provision) and the lessor is not eligible to recover the GST and HST because they are a non-GST-registrant.
In the case of glyphosate-containing products, this phenomenon was well demonstrated in the data submitted to the (EPA) by the registrant (Monsanto), and summarized by the U.
Registrants are required to provide accurate and updated registrant and contact information under the terms of registration agreements which they must enter into before registering any domain name.
Conference fees for NEPA members are $599 for the first registrant and $499 for each additional registrant.