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a person who is formally entered (along with others) in a register (and who obtains certain rights thereby)

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To erase someone, the panel must be persuaded that what the registrant has done is so bad that, looking forward, they are simply not fit to practise at all.
However the panel accept the consistent evidence of the live witnesses and finds that the registrant was under the influence of alcohol.
In connection with the PSLRA's "safe harbor" provisions, the Registrant provides the following cautionary statements identifying important economic, competitive, political, regulatory and technological factors, among others, that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those set forth or implied by the forward-looking statements and related assumptions.
Although the current MD&A disclosure rules generally require disclosure of a registrant's use of short-term borrowing arrangements and the registrant's exposure to related risks and uncertainties,1 the SEC views the proposed additional disclosures in the MD&A section regarding short-term debt as beneficial to investors by affording them additional transparency about a registrant's liquidity and capital resources, and thus greater insight into its actual funding needs and financing activities and the ability to better evaluate the liquidity risks faced by the registrant.
1) August or September and who file a Registrant Bar Application by the following January 15;
ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2009, the NANB complaints committee suspended the registration of registrant number 023808, pending the outcome of a hearing before the review committee.
Registrants from 47 states and the District of Columbia representing 215 cities will converge in Portland, Ore.
Registrants for the Expo receive three days of admittance to the Expo, including the Wednesday Block Party.
Our testimony today will (1) provide an estimate of improper and potentially fraudulent payments through February 2006 related to certain aspects of the disaster registrations, (2) identify whether improper and potentially fraudulent payments were made to registrants who were incarcerated at the time of the disaster, (3) identify whether FEMA improperly provided registrants with rental assistance payments at the same time it was paying for their lodging at hotels, and (4) review FEMA's accountability over debit cards and controls over proper debit card usage.
Registrants are generally required to conduct acute toxicity tests on formulated products, but they traditionally conduct chronic toxicity tests on the active ingredient alone.
Conference fees for NEPA members are $599 for the first registrant and $499 for each additional registrant.
Registrars are then given a 45 day 'auto-renew grace period' to attempt to secure a decision on renewal, including a renewal payment from the current registrant.
Further contact between registrant and potential employer is then at the discretion of the employer; after provision of listings NSERC plays no further role in registrant-employer contact.
3 The proposed rule changes contained in this Companion Release would require a registrant to provide, in a separate MD&A subheading, a comprehensive explanation of its short-term borrowings, including both quantitative and qualitative information for short-term borrowings during the interim period, instead of simply disclosing material changes since the previous balance sheet date.