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mail that is registered by the post office when sent in order to assure safe delivery

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With its software, the company automates the registered mail process by printing a single Intelligent Mail Postal Barcode (IMpB) label online.
The PPO will keep registered mail separate and secure, and will sort the mail in the post office.
The credit cards had been sent by registered mail to the international company's Riyadh post office box, where a company driver had signed for their receipt.
The notice must be delivered by registered mail and notify the defendant that the plaintiff may not file a complaint for 90 days.
In the Israeli court, Defendant unsuccessfully moved to challenge jurisdiction but neglected to attack the service of process by registered mail.
When the Petition is drafted, it should be sent by registered mail delivery to the Respondent spouse.
If you're OCONUS and don't have access to US registered mail, TACOM-RI will direct you to send the M24 to Anniston Army Depot, which will ship it to Remington.
At the administrative hearing, the IRS representative rejected the taxpayer's evidence of timely mailing of his return on the grounds the only acceptable proof was a certified or registered mail receipt.
Therefore the PMSI lender may wish to serve the notice by personal service, or by registered mail if it can obtain a registration form from the post office confirming the date of receipt.
The chamber itself has had to resort either to delivering by hand or sending items by registered mail in order to be sure that they arrived,' she said.
if the contract requires that notice be sent be registered mail, send by registered mail).
So far this year, Revenue officials have sent 122,000 letters of demand by registered mail.
Basic preventative security measures, like registered mail, must be put in place to prevent identities falling into criminal or terrorist hands.
Basic preventative security measures,like registered mail,must be put in place to prevent identities falling into criminal or terrorist hands.
This law provides that upon written demand from a borrower sent by certified or registered mail, stating that the borrower is satisfying the mortgage and requires information as to the balance due, the mortgage lender must such information within 20 days.
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