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a feature (as a pronunciation or expression or custom) that is characteristic of a particular region

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a foreign policy that defines the international interests of a country in terms of particular geographic areas

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loyalty to the interests of a particular region

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Zachary Michael Jack emphasizes his role as a mentor to other Iowa regionalists, including poet Paul Engle.
In Part I, we wilt see that debates in the local-government law literature between regionalists and localists involve disagreements that sound in the language of federalism disputes.
Dorman explains in Revolt of the Provinces, took place "not in the great capitals of art and culture, but rather in obscurer settings, small provincial cities, college towns, artist colonies, and still remoter locations where regionalists uncovered what they perceived to be the last remnants of the older America in their modern world.
The Times of India said it sent a message "that tolerance is the indispensable virtue for the 21st century which can have no place for (fundamentalists), regionalists, communalists, casteists, gender, class and cultural chauvinists".
American regionalists Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton are good examples.
Hopefully by then the snivelling regionalists will have stopped moaning "what will a London Olympics do for the rest of Britain?
The fact that Pitchford's appointment to the City Region is being passed off as an "election" shows how desperate the regionalists behind this toothless, unaccountable quango are to give an impression of accountability and democracy to the City Region.
It would not insult the most ardent regionalists to say that their agenda may be summarized as follows: to establish a structure supple enough to allow, instead of centralization to the extreme, for the legitimate efflorescence of local particularisms and respect for their origins ("Le Centre Rural," Livre d'Or, 186).
Regionalists argue an English Parliament will break up the UK.
Opportunities also include the desirability of more formally analyzing different velocities of international transmission, and different inertias in reacting to international influences, depending on time and topic, and the desirability of active dialogues among some of the large regional analysts--Indian ocean regionalists, for example, with Atlantic world adepts and Europe-wide formulations.
The chosen designers (average age 44) might be characterized as Builder Architects, many of them -- especially between the coasts -- as Framptonian Critical Regionalists.
He is one of American literature's great regionalists, a writer who can conjure the nation from the convolutions of a single city.
IN the years-long battle over the future of Los Angeles airport expansion, the regionalists have won an important battle.
Eakins was now regarded as the forerunner of the Regionalists.
For my doctoral research, I had the pleasure of visiting archives that held the correspondence and other writing of many prominent North American regionalists.