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a feature (as a pronunciation or expression or custom) that is characteristic of a particular region

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a foreign policy that defines the international interests of a country in terms of particular geographic areas

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loyalty to the interests of a particular region

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In the end, a regionalistic approach was replaced by the argument in favor of having great powers in the lead, because they would theoretically be better equipped (by military and economic rankings) to bear the burden of maintaining peace and security around the world.
If we are being regionalistic about it, here's a helpful guide to the nationalities of the Olympic leading lights: Bradley Wiggins: English.
Geopolitical Counter-Americanism To be effective in the With the rise of international community, nationalistic and interactions on EH issues regionalistic politics will need to focus on the around the world and technical aspects of an because of disagreements issue.
I also never considered how regionalistic jokes got started and never considered them to be true.
But autonomism is not necessarily a nationalistic posture, it can also be (and Rodriguez Vazquez is conscious of this) more or less a regionalistic demand that being inclusive does not reject aspirations of full integration with the metropolis.
foreign policy, together with nationalistic and regionalistic coalitions, are eroding the taken-for-granted dominance of American styles, values, products, and business practices.
Instead of the regionalistic innovation of the lyrics, the movie chooses a song called "Destination Anywhere" for its reprise, a continual backdrop to the band's unromantic daily lives.
The problems faced by the world today do not stem in their entirety from the phenomenon that has been labelled globalization, but also from the singular opposition it has inspired from all manner of nationalistic, regionalistic and theocratic movements, the majority of which share a fixation with the past.
Left leaning and regionalistic "Republicans" versus right leaning and centralist "Nationalists.
While this portrait was done in 1942 and at a time when his style was recognized as more regionalistic, Anna with Flowers is one of his most impressionistic paintings.