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Synonyms for regional

Synonyms for regional

relating to or restricted to a particular territory

Words related to regional

related or limited to a particular region

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Unni Menon Regional Director, Barwon South West, Leigh Kennedy Regional Director, Gippsland, Anthony Schinck Regional Director, Grampians, Matt Nelson Regional Director, Hume, Stan Liacos Regional Director, Loddon Mallee.
Sophomore Jacob Priday's 11 home runs are the most among any player in the regional.
The first part of the book, "Global Discourses and Regional Politics," consists of three chapters titled "Culture Blind and Culture Blinded: Images of Middle Eastern Conflicts in International Relations," "Reinterpreting History: Perceptions of Nazism in Egyptian Media," and "Internationalization of Anti-Islamist Discourse and Creation of Regional Antiterrorism Mechanism: the Initiative of Mubarak's Egypt.
efforts through cooperation with friends and allies, particularly those with the capability to help build regional CT capacity, including Japan, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and China.
Other regional powers may not be as trustworthy as Canberra.
SGM Alan Graykowski, Western Regional Dental Command (WRDC).
THE NATIONAL R-TEC NETWORK Become familiar with the wealth of online resources and services available through your regional consortium, and at all of the other R-TECs listed below:
Pero el golpe maestro de Regional ha sido la rubia en bikini que declara e carteles en toda Venezuela: "Yo soy la otra".
Lerud says the regional structure allows Flint Communications to compete against other agencies and companies in North Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota.
According to Regional Dance America hierarchy, nighttime programs begin with performances by intern companies and emerging choreographers, followed by performing and honor companies.
By regional governance or decision making, I mean how we bring community leaders and citizens together to address challenges that cut across communities--from crime and drugs to economic competitiveness.
Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 4, 1992) Regions are encouraged to support the purposes of the Association through regional activities other than convening a conference.
Ethnicity counts, even in advanced industrial nations, but in Scotland, Bavaria Northern Italy, or Quebec, ethnic interests tend to align with economic interests, and economic interests create regional identity even without ethnic identity.
The Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury Center involves consumers in every aspect of operation.
Only 11 players were available for the North San Gabriel Valley baseball all-star team's trip to the Babe Ruth Pacific Southwest Regional - and that was after additions were made for the tournament.
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