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the imposition of order or discipline

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Vangor stressed that additional components of the regimentation program, such as education, community service, life skills training, peer mediation, impulse and anger control and a transitional program to provide a network of support for the cadets after they leave, are among the differences between L.
On December 11, 2015, Infrastructure Minister Andriy Pyvovarsky has decided to give regimentation and go back into the business.
Politically-speaking, the senior Hizbullah cleric demanded that regimentation and incitement levels be reduced for the sake of safeguarding the country.
Their apparently suicidal mindlessness is clearly the result of bodily regimentation and psychic allegiance manifested as the groupthink of military order.
And we indicated that "the POP treaty grew out of several earlier agreements spawned at the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, particularly the UN's eco-manifesto for total regimentation of the entire planet known as Agenda 21.
MacDougall highlights the importance of regimentation and rituals in smoothing over regional and religious differences.
While the twentieth century has brought new freedoms, new openness to self-expression, and growing informality, it has also seen the rise of new restraints and even a regimentation and rationalization of instinct and emotion.
We didn't need pointless regimentation to make us march in step.
That's right, the cute talking ant movie is really a dialectical manifesto that pits socialism against fascism and individualism against regimentation.
Such a reaction to the regimentation of social life everywhere around him, however, proves destructive for the saxophonist's family.
Rising 14 stories and measuring 856 feet in length, Ocean Princess offers her 1,950 passengers "big ship choice with small ship feel," providing freedom from traditional cruising regimentation with numerous options in onboard entertainment, dining and accommodations.
The contract has as its object the final design and execution of emergency measures and priorities for the mitigation of landslide risk in the municipality of Torre Orsaia and consist in the execution of works of regimentation of surface water, drainage of water sub- surface and groundwater, land reclamation of the auction of works of consolidation and torrential areas in landslides by deep foundations.
The unexpected becomes the norm; miniature spaces cunningly evade reality's claim to power and, in doing so, become a quiet protest against regimentation and dehumanization.
Thus the traditional opening scene in a prison tobacco factory links the serried rows of cigarettes to the regimentation of the women and formations of the guards, without sacrificing the titillating spectacle of Carmen's fiery catfight.
When Gorbachev and his coterie of self-anointed "wise persons" talk about the need to "govern and regulate human interaction," they are advocating Soviet-style regimentation on a global scale.