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The regimental commander, going up to the line himself, ordered the soldiers to change into their greatcoats.
The regimental commander walked with his jerky steps to the front of the regiment and examined it from a distance.
shouted the regimental commander, thrusting forward his jaw and pointing at a soldier in the ranks of the third company in a greatcoat of bluish cloth, which contrasted with the others.
More than once, too, he came officially into contact with the Regimental colours, which looked like the lining of a bricklayer's hat on the end of a chewed stick.
The Regimental Sergeant-Major looked wearily across the Sergeants' Mess tent when the news was announced.
who learned from the regimental chaplain that Bobby was considerably more in request in the hospital tents than the Reverend John Emery.
It feared nothing that moved or talked save the colonel and the regimental Roman Catholic chaplain, the fat Father Dennis, who held the keys of heaven and hell, and blared like an angry bull when he desired to be convincing.
Did you hear anything of a regimental coortmartial among the Black Boneens, these days?
In a corner, cased like the King of Dahomey's state umbrella, stood the regimental Colours.
The talk rose higher and higher, and the regimental band played between the courses, as is the immemorial custom, till all tongues ceased for a moment with the removal of the dinner-slips and the first toast of obligation, when an officer rising said, "Mr.
He is the piebald drum- horse, the king of the regimental band, that served the regiment for seven-and-thirty years, and in the end was shot for old age.
Holmer flung the frayed and yellow regimental rolls on the table, and the men flung themselves at these.
He knew the sound of a regimental band, but it amazed the lama.
Please look after the boy' - signing his name and regimental number in full.
That's your opinion as Secretary to the Regimental Lodge,' said Father Victor; 'but we might as well tell the old man what we are going to do.