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Synonyms for regimen

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

Synonyms for regimen

(medicine) a systematic plan for therapy (often including diet)

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Analyses showed that women's probability of still taking their pills at 12 months was 78% in the continuous regimen group and 72% in the cyclic regimen group, a nonsignificant difference.
The FDA-approved regimen is 92%-96% effective in causing abortions in pregnancies of less than 49 days, and in 50% of cases the abortion will be complete within 4 hours.
The AbbVie investigational regimen consists of the fixed-dose combination of ABT-450/ritonavir (150/100mg) co-formulated with ABT-267 (25mg), dosed once daily, and ABT-333 (250mg) with or without ribavirin (weight-based), dosed twice daily.
The FDA highlighted the product's streamlined, once-daily regimen.
Success will be tied less to which regimen is provided than to the integration of services for women with HIV and their infants.
HIV treatment experts say the combination pill will be a godsend for those like Robin whose virus can be controlled by its three component drugs and for newly diagnosed HIVers whose first regimen will now be simple to take.
The size of the viral load drop from TMC125 depended very much on having other active drugs in the regimen.
4 log drop in viral load in the subset of patients who were not receiving 3TC or FTC in their background treatment regimen versus a 0.
The goal was for individuals to stop their antiretroviral therapies to allow drug-resistant HIV to revert back to wild-type virus and then start a megaHAART regimen.
An appendix includes seven rules for better living and an exercise regimen for beginners.
In patients expected to be compliant, a regimen containing a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), preferably efavirenz, is one of them.
Animals were followed for a total of 11 weeks after cessation of lead exposure, corresponding to 8 weeks after the first chelation regimen ended and 4 weeks after the second regimen ended As depicted in Figure 1, animals were sacrificed at various time points throughout the study to assess the efficacy of succimer in reducing blood and brain lead levels.
An oral contraceptive regimen consisting of 84 days of hormonally active pills followed by a seven-day pill-free interval could be less costly to users and society than the standard regimen of 27 days of active pills followed by a weeklong pill-free interval.
In the study presented this week, researchers reported that the relative efficacy of the regimens tested could not be explained solely by differences in the frequency with which HIV resistance developed to one or more drugs or classes of drugs among virologic failures of each regimen.
Over a 10week period, a moderate or even low intensity level fitness regimen was shown to combat such cancer recovery side effects as muscular atrophy, fatigue, depression, and decreased strength and quality of life.
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