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someone who commits regicide

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the act of killing a king

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What's your take on the labor group's regicide post?
Convinced that the letter can cast new light on the regicide, they have carefully examined every point, name, and explicit and implicit reference alluded to in the text.
Will Draxin solve the riddle of regicide in time to save the king, or will Yortaz and the poisonous Thieves Guild prevail?
Therefore, it is probable that even if Boucher's and his fellow Leaguers' texts were seldom printed until after the death of Henri III, their messages and calls for regicide were likely heard, discussed, and preached before the assassination of the king, especially in places like Paris and in Belyard's backyard.
A third regicide fugitive, John Dixwell, who had known Whalley and Goffe, lived on quietly in New Haven under an assumed name until 1688.
One of the collection's strongest essays, however, does concern an individual who hoped for decades to reverse his vanquished state, although paradoxically it is about a regicide, John Dixwell.
Abbas could suffer domestic political regicide should talks not proceed satisfactorily and Netanyahu risks either the death of peace prospects or making too many concessions for his hawkish Israeli opponents to stomach.
The official government report blames the regicide on Crown Prince Dipendra, who, the report said, shot himself after the killings.
We're still on solid theatrical ground when Behn's former lover, the traitorous regicide William Scot (Paris again), appears on the scene, straining the heroine's loyalties and interfering with her ambitions to become a playwright in this liberated new age.
But with the rise of Arab nationalism and the first stirrings of anti-Zionism, and with Iraq was galvanized by war, revolution, and regicide, Regina escaped from a land she loved--which meant a permanent departure from her husband.
The period setting made the piece feel less about neurotic ambition and more reflective of the stark reality of a time when regicide was not uncommon.
Home Secretary Alan Johnson - tipped as Brown's successor - said: "I don't agree that regicide gives you a united party - quite the opposite.
Newly-promoted Home Secretary Alan Johnson, who is widely regarded as the most likely successor if Mr Brown is ousted, said: "I don't agree that regicide gives you a unified party.
Regicide, espionage, mass suicide, and cannibalism all play a part in the unfolding story.
At a time of conflict and shifting allegiances, authors could, thanks to Islamic characters and situations, present widely diverging ideologies, and explore some of the notions at the center of the struggles of the Civil War, the Interregnum, and the Restoration, such as tyranny, regicide, conversion, and religious toleration.