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someone who commits regicide

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the act of killing a king

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Will Draxin solve the riddle of regicide in time to save the king, or will Yortaz and the poisonous Thieves Guild prevail?
It's redolent of Lady Macbeth, guilty over regicide and unable to stop rubbing her hands as though she's washing them, murmuring "Out, damned spot
Censorship forced Giuseppe Verdi to move lin hallo in mascherds tale of 18th-century Swedish regicide to Colonial America, but no such necessity motivated directors Jossi Wider and Sergio.
They are styled as mute, comfy-mushroom-shoe clad char-women, midwives, a practical army of females who do all the real work while La Lady flounces around plotting regicide.
of Wisconsin-Madison) argues that England survived, healed, and prospered during the 17th and 18th centuries despite civil war, regicide, and multiple dynastic changes, by a process analogous to evolution.
De plus, la jeune Gabrielle d'Estree confirme que l'homme massacre n'est pas le Jacobin rencontre la veille du regicide.
When King Louis XVI went to the guillotine after the French Revolution, Parisians jostled to acquire a gruesome relic of regicide by dipping garments in his blood.
There''s deathmatch and Infection (renamed Flood with mutated humans replacing the zombies), the newly created team contest Dominion and Regicide, which puts a bounty on the player with the highest score.
Tory politics unnerve me as the Conservative Party has regicide in its DNA - ask Edward Heath, Sir Anthony Eden and Mrs Thatcher, also William Hague, IDS and Michael Howard.
Sir John said: "I would have thought if the Conservative Party has learnt anything in the last 20 years, it's that regicide is not a good idea.
The intrinsic dynamic of microeconomics is uncovered: regicide and deicide.
Only a quarter of a century after Shakespeare's death the English civil war broke out and ended in regicide and a brief flirtation with a republic.
You play the titular "hero" Witcher, a mutated monster hunter afflicted by amnesia who is desperately trying to clear his name after being framed for regicide.
Neither does he think before the regicide about the dastardly deed of killing anyone in his sleep, let alone the king: no man of true honor would stoop so low.
The French Revolution led to regicide, the September Massacres, the Terror, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Catholics in the Vendee region of France, and almost two decades of Napoleonic wars.