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Synonyms for regale



Synonyms for regale

to occupy in an agreeable or pleasing way

Synonyms for regale

provide with choice or abundant food or drink

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Scott was in fine form in Birmingham, regaling the audience with stories of the 100 or so songs produced during the lengthy process to create the album, some of which made it on to the follow-up Too Close to Heaven.
Rather than "regaling" the remains of Richard III with a state funeral, let's bring his remains to the Tower and subject him to a public trial, televised of course, that he should have faced for murdering his nephews in order to gain the throne.
The world famous Knight In Shining Armour will also be touring the grounds and regaling guests with his tales of bravery in battle, while the castle will be welcoming the return of Nikita the sea eagle in the Flight Of The Eagles show.
Now we can look forward to the mainstream media regaling us with Israel's fabulous feat, but to turn a phrase: Who lives by the worm, dies by the worm.
She used to say the same when they were in Downing Street, regaling the nation with the detail surrounding the conception of their youngest son, Leo.
Middle names are bestowed upon us by our parents and can be our father's name, may be a tribute to a devoted distant relative, or regaling someone famous even as far back as the ark.
ANDY Reid loves nothing more than regaling his Sunderland team-mates with his repertoire of Irish folk songs.