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Synonyms for regale



Synonyms for regale

to occupy in an agreeable or pleasing way

Synonyms for regale

provide with choice or abundant food or drink

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As Sir Richard rushed to another party being hosted in another wing of his bungalow, he wondered aloud whether he should strike a deal with Thapar and Aiyar to regale guests at his Christmas bashes.
Over the course of the 75-minute show, Jordan's 4-foot 11-inch frame dances and dishes as he regales the audience with tales of his life, from a Chattanooga, Tenn.
For instance, a sorority sister whom Robbins calls Bitsy, describing her as the "Jedi Master of nether-region rings," regales her friends as follows: "So I didn't get my clit pierced.
Knapp regales readers with the tale of David Douglas, who on an exploration of the northwest United States braved encounters with grizzly bears and tumbled into rivers and gullies, all to retrieve sugar pine cones that ended up not faring well in English soil.
John Charles regales the audience at Aberystwyth National Library, where he launched his autobiography Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
She puts down the chunky chromium-plated Ronson lighter and regales her friends with tales of her sojourn in America, where she saw the amazing black dancer Josephine Baker, and of her return crossing on the luxury ocean liner the Normandie, just launched in 1935, and fitted with stunning interiors including Jean Dunand's lacquer wall panels in the smoking room.
Imagine yourself on a wide front porch filled with rocking chairs or in a cozy room by a fire as your grandmother regales you with homey tales of her childhood in a small Alabama town.
She regales Gimbel with stories of her debonair English father, the sedate Havana of her childhood, and the pleasure-loving city of the 1920s.
A talented chef as well as chanteuse, Jackie talks passionately about each wine and cheese, then regales the audience with songs, some originals and some cabaret standards, that uniquely fit the subject at hand.
Channel 7: Super Bowl XL pregame show: Chris Berman, the show's official host, regales the crew of Michael Irvin, Tom Jackson and Steve Young about what he remembers from each of the previous 39 Super Bowls.
Berman regales his fixated readers with historical versions of major volcanos that have erupted throughout history to set a menacing and terrifying tone to an already viscerally anguished situation, which ratchets up when a leak is discovered in a nearby nuclear plant that is no doubt creating the radioactive lava: