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Synonyms for regale



Synonyms for regale

to occupy in an agreeable or pleasing way

Synonyms for regale

provide with choice or abundant food or drink

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PHYLLIS N Bembridge (Letters, Sept 21) has regaled us again with her tales of how horrible we Brits are because we object to the wearing of a veil in public, in this instance in a court room.
Speaking at the capital's ' brancr hc of Kuoni, situated inside John Lewis,e the adved nturer regaled the 60-strongr crow r d with tales of sampling the delights of green r ant tea, divingi on the Great r Barrier Reef and his unfortunate f slip of the tongue while talking to one of the toughest bikerk gangs Down o Under.
Local poets who regaled the audience with their poetry were Syed Afaque Akhtar, Athar zmi, Jamshed Ansari, Mansoor zmi, Iftekhar, Shafique Akhtar, Yusuf Kamal, Atique Anzar, Jaleel Nizami, Muhammad Mumtaz Rashed, Tahir Bilal, mir zmi and Abu Nabeel Maseeh Daccani.
FOR days we have been regaled with stories of how plucky Brits pulled out their own teeth because they couldn't get to see an NHS dentist.
She regaled us with some tales about working with the greats, from Hancock to the 'Carry On' team.
Not one to pause for breath, she regaled the company for quite a few hours with tales of her fascinating life on the stage.
As Australia bludgeoned their way to 334 against them last week and peppered the stands and advertising hoardings with a bemusing array of boundaries, a small tanked-up Tartan Army regaled the crowd to a raucous chant of: Boring, boring Aussies
com, has regaled us with great action photos of the Crushers softball team, the team his daughter, Cassie, plays on.
After a few glasses of wine, she regaled us with stories of the neighborhood.
He regaled the luncheon crowd with a witty and articulate debunking of some well-known websites by showing the obstacles and frustrations actual users encountered when trying to buy something, even when they knew exactly what they wanted (like a subscription to your newsletter, for example).
AN author was the special guest at an east Birmingham library as he regaled tales to bookworms.
Snow also regaled the crowd with tales of Bush as a he-man, insisting that the president engages in power biking at Camp David so intense that members of his staff and the press corps cannot hope to keep up.
His father, "a high-ranking spymaster," regaled his son with some of the exciting tales and practical tricks of the espionage trade.
He has often remarked of his keen interest in hearing the stories from elders who regaled him and other youths with memories of bygone days, particularly tales of prominent African Americans who overcame great obstacles to achieve fame and fortune.
Further, they become institutions when they create a culture of success within the organization that encourages and rewards those associated with the company to add value; when change is welcomed, experimentation encouraged and risk regaled.