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Synonyms for regale



Synonyms for regale

to occupy in an agreeable or pleasing way

Synonyms for regale

provide with choice or abundant food or drink

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Fragrant: A fairly easy-going plant, Lilium regale is one of the most popular lilies Picture: Jonathan Buckley
Then they regale you with the full details, which are always that they felt everything go a bit wobbly for a minute, then it stopped and they wondered what it was.
Robert Skirving and Rita Regale each pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering in a scam involving the First International Bank of Grenada and various subsidiaries.
But she or he was not permitted, however good, to be sovereign outside her or his place in Parliament, given that the English monarchy remained (in Sir John Fortescue's terms) politicum et regale.
Tunbridge-based frozen food distributor Regale Frozen Foods has called in the liquidators after a tough year dogged by aggressive competition and the loss of key accounts.
Regale yourself with flowers, shining macaw flowers, brilliant like
Over these years, Herb would regale us with stories about Pop's amazing ingenuity, inventions, and awesome knowledge of the game.
In "Countdown to Unhappiness," Sophie Calle will regale visitors with the story of her most miserable experience, as well as tragic tales she has elicited from others over the years.
Dutch Regale bakery, a Texas-based wholesale baked goods supplier to hotels and restaurants, needed some help cleaning its ovens.
Lilium regale is probably the most popular lily of this century - and certainly the most fragrant.
If they are Lilium regale they might try to make seed but this will take energy away from the bulbs so just cut off the old flowers/ seedheads.
In anticipation of a new front door, I've been planting up the two big square iron pots that stand at the foot of the steps going up to it, with big fat bulbs of Lilium regale.
Lift clumps of lilium regale and reset them, planting them around 15cm (5in) deep in well-drained soil, improved with compost and scatter a little sand for drainage
10am The Cathedral Eucharist: Introit: O nata lux: - Tallis, Howells - Collegium Regale, Gradual, Psalm 97, Hymns.