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Synonyms for refutation

the speech act of answering an attack on your assertions

any evidence that helps to establish the falsity of something

the act of determining that something is false

References in classic literature ?
The arguments of those who maintain that the Apology was composed during the process, resting on no evidence, do not require a serious refutation.
The position is too absurd to merit a refutation, and yet this is precisely the position which those must establish who contend that the trial by juries in civil cases is abolished, because it is expressly provided for in cases of a criminal nature.
Each of his "Lives" is a refutation to the despondency and cowardice of our religious and political theorists.
Zarathustra CREATED the most portentous error, MORALITY, consequently he should also be the first to PERCEIVE that error, not only because he has had longer and greater experience of the subject than any other thinker--all history is the experimental refutation of the theory of the so-called moral order of things:--the more important point is that Zarathustra was more truthful than any other thinker.
But sailors don't wear tennis shoes," was Billy's prompt refutation.
I can prove beyond the power of refutation," the naturalist eagerly exclaimed, "by Paley, Berkeley, ay, even by the immortal Binkerschoek, that a compactum, concluded while one of the parties, be it a state or be it an individual, is in durance--"
But that same Nature has the deep cunning which hides itself under the appearance of openness, so that simple people think they can see through her quite well, and all the while she is secretly preparing a refutation of their confident prophecies.
She had previously, in the anticipation of their marriage, been very apprehensive of losing her friend by it; but on being assured that he could have made no attempt of that nature, since he did not even know her to be in Bath, it immediately occurred, that something might be done in her favour by the influence of the woman he loved, and she had been hastily preparing to interest Anne's feelings, as far as the observances due to Mr Elliot's character would allow, when Anne's refutation of the supposed engagement changed the face of everything; and while it took from her the new-formed hope of succeeding in the object of her first anxiety, left her at least the comfort of telling the whole story her own way.
Journalist Naryn Ayip published on his website the refutation of report posted on the zanoza.
He expressed admiration of the minister's refutation of the different points mentioned in the grilling request, lauding the whole process which is a part of Kuwait's democratic system.
Proofs of Prophecy and the Refutation of the Ismailiyya: The Kitab Ithbat nubuwwat al-nabi by the Zaydi al-Mu'ayyad bi-llah al-Haruni (d.
But the focal point is Black's refutation of White's risky opening line.
Establishing the debate club, training debate format, public speaking, critical thinking, presenting cases and arguments and refutation were among the subjects tackled.
The Government also regulated legislation regarding labour by introducing Law of Refutation of Child Labour 2016, Punjab Labour Policy, Domestic Workers Policy and Home-Based Workers policy 2015 and 2017.
The juxtaposition of fairy gentleness with the bellicosity of clenched fists seemed a bizarre refutation of the statue Oblation's open-arms display of self-sacrifice.