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We went back to Plan A, which was to refurbish and modernize the existing buildings,'' Superintendent Ned McNabb said.
Southwell has received a five-year loan of pounds 50,000 to help refurbish its stables .
6 million to refurbish test stand 1D, which was mothballed in the 1970s.
While there are some independent participants who refurbish the electronic parts of used modalities, most of them recondition the cosmetic condition of the equipment.
4 million to refurbish rocket test stands at Edwards, an effort considered quite timely given the number of space-related projects on the horizon.
On Saturday, November 18, more than 100 Citigroup Global Wealth Management (GWM) volunteers will meet at Kosciuszko Park in Stamford, Connecticut from 9am - 2:30pm to clean and refurbish the facility, which has been closed due to a lack of funding and upkeep.
The certification process used to refurbish the used copiers sold to customers consists of an award winning 93-point inspection to ensure the best possible product.
Chick said the potential waste includes $94,000 spent at the West Valley police station to refurbish lines and pumps even though that fuel station is proposed to be closed.