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Synonyms for refulgent

giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts

Synonyms for refulgent

radiating or as if radiating light

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We are very proud of Inter Milan's glittering performances and look forward to more refulgent victories of the team in future.
A silent crowd of passengers and crew on the bridge watched tensely and full of wonder as the ship threaded its way between great bergs that they could almost reach out and touch, and the low sun flooded the parapets and ice floes with 'a golden, refulgent light' so that the shadow of the ship accompanied them along the icebergs.
I am membra refulgent lota feri, cecidit scabies in fonte salubri torpenti contracta situ, iam vertice toto altior it solito cervixque torosior exstat (11.
Rose Hawthorne Lathrop chose to think of Emerson's smile as the expressive, transforming trait that "lit up his whole countenance with a refulgent beam.
when resting between the cherubim over the mercy-seat or in the temple of Solomon; a glory or refulgent light symbolizing the Divine Presence" (OED).
In short, knowing how transitory life is, let us seize the fleeting, refulgent moment.
By 1959, in such a work as Para III, refulgent hues--in diagonal streams of blue, red, yellow, orange, and green--master the entire canvas, eliminating any sense of figure and ground, and banishing the darkest, blob-like, pooling pigments to the canvas's left edge.
Wilde did his best to break such restraint with his refulgent buttonholes, but stage historians attracted to this new mode of enquiry could well find it fruitful to track the gender as well as the class dialogue of dress in a fully worked account of male fashion, looking also to popular forms such as music hall and musical comedy (a neglected genre to which Kaplan and Stowell give some welcome attention).
Most of the paintings involved only one or two tertiary colors, and, like the sculptures, they felt at once muted and refulgent, crisply photographic yet somewhat hazy due to their inflated scale.
This Fifth was light on metaphysical profundity, the scherzo's disturbing and creepy elements were slightly muted, and the climactic transformation from C minor darkness to refulgent C major light fizzed rather than fulminated.
Emerson's "only recourse," Gass wrote, "was to write, to fade when he had to--die--and then to rise once more inside us when we say, 'In this refulgent summer, it has been a luxury to draw the breath of life .
As a comparison and contrast, the program also featured the traditional aria, "Deh vieni non tardar," which Bayrakdarian impressed with her customary refulgent tone and charming stage presence.
dispelled, as was the physical universe informing them, by the refulgent light of the transcendent.
1 and 2 Itineraire de Jean Bricard (Jean-Marie Straub & Daniele Huillet) and Le Genou d'Artemide (Jean-Marie Straub) The high point of Cannes and of the year, Jean-Marie Straub's twin farewells--to a past in which political resistance was a matter of life and death, to his beloved partner and codirector Daniele Huillet--employ exquisite images of nature (the Loire shot in precise black-and-white, a sunlit Italian grove in refulgent color), and, more daringly, in the case of Le Genou, a dark screen accompanied by Mahler's Abschied, to achieve rending nobility.
When Mahler seems to snuff out the love theme it is rekindled by a plaintive solo flute which ignites the whole orchestra into a refulgent outburst.