refrigerator car

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a freight car that is equipped with refrigeration system

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And any tree huggers who do believe in this global warming fairy tale are Eco-Nazis out to destroy America's free market advantage and should be shipped on ice in a refrigerator car to Siberia so they can die in the arms of their commie-loving comrades.
A patent for a refrigerator car was granted to William Davis, a fish dealer in Detroit, Mich.
Just outside, a 200-ton steam locomotive, the only aluminum refrigerator car ever built, and a cupola-style caboose offer a life-size taste of railroad history.
The train gave a low-pitched blast from its horn as the grey corrugated refrigerator cars slowly rolled through weed-choked tracks onto the grounds of a factory where the bodies were being received.
Chapters are packed with fascinating information for those curious about how livestock cargo were transported across the country, how the refrigerator cars work, the plants that the action happens in, and much more.
They had been refrigerator cars, and were already insulated with sawdust and newspapers a foot thick inside the wood-frame walls.