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the process of cooling or freezing (e

deliberately lowering the body's temperature for therapeutic purposes

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Andy's subject in July's column "No Excuses" was a ton of refrigeration when referring to water chilling units.
13 September 2016 - Anaheim, California-based refrigeration provider Source Refrigeration and HVAC has partnered with management to acquire Sacramento, California-based commercial refrigeration installation and maintenance providers Refrigeration Solutions, Inc.
Represented in Germany with five different brands and a large product portfolio spanning across various categories and price ranges within refrigeration appliances, BSH HausgerEnte GmbH was able to maintain its strong leading position in refrigeration appliances in 2015.
The durability of refrigeration compressors is dependent on the quality and performance of the refrigeration oils.
Indesit Russia holds the leading position in the market for refrigeration appliances in Russia, with a 22% share of retail volume in 2014.
The conference, which will take place in the University of Jordan -- Aqaba branch, has been organized by the Jordan National Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration and is aimed at imparting knowledge in conditioning and refrigeration field, and to acquaint participants with latest developments in this science.
Sorption refrigeration--both absorption and adsorption--uses low-grade heat to provide the air conditioning and refrigeration effects, and is attracting increased attention as an energy efficient technology that does not contribute greenhouse gas to the atmosphere.
In addition to his new function as CTO of GEA Refrigeration Technologies, John Ansbro will continue to act as Sales President for America and CEO of GEA Refrigeration North America Inc, with headquarters in York (Pennsylvania, USA).
Services will include new and used catering and refrigeration equipment, kitchen and factory design, installation, servicing and maintenance contracts.
GEA Refrigeration Technologies, Bochum, Germany, has consolidated its US-based companies into GEA Refrigeration North America Inc.
Speaking of Wells', the Le Mars Daily Sentinel reports that a jury has decided that Refrigeration Valves and Systems (RVS), American Industrial Refrigeration, and Wells' Dairy were each partially at fault in the 1999 Wells' Dairy ice cream plant ammonia explosion, in which three people were injured.
The provisions of the New York City Fire Department Rules and Regulations that require a licensed refrigeration engineer to constantly man certain refrigeration and air conditioning systems are a prominent example.
XDX in deal with Carrier divisions: Chicago-based XDX Innovation Refrigeration announced an agreement with the Heat Transfer Product Equipment Divisions of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration.
Tri-Pak is the most advanced and energy efficient refrigeration system in the industry
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