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a course that reviews and updates a topic for those who have not kept abreast of developments

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Addressing the participants of the course, CTO Sardar Asif said the objective of the refresher course was to enhance capacity building of traffic staff besides imparting them necessary training about their professional responsibilities.
After December 31, the removal of the grace period means you must attend a refresher course before the end date on your safety certificate.
This one- week course was a blend of theory and applied practices and urged them to apply the knowledge acquired during this refresher course, he added.
It follows four previous successful refresher courses and is designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience a variety of OSCE stations, under exam conditions, and receive feedback on their performance.
The refresher course includes a mandatory hands-on technical portion; however, EPA has proposed changing the rule to remove this hands-on portion of the training and to enable workers to receive their recertification refresher training online.
The 24-hour EMT Basic DOT Refresher course will be held Oct.
By then protocols and first aid practices may have changed considerably, so I am offering a free annual half-day refresher course.
When people come on to the refresher course they are relieved to be given the chance to practise without the stress of a real life emergency.
REFRESHER COURSE - Paul Hooper has returned to engineering after working as a postman
Taking an additional or a refresher course can make sure you are aware of developments within the industry, allowing you to carry out your job safely and correctly.
5 -- The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) umpires' refresher course, scheduled at National Stadium Karachi from August 7, has been postponed due to present prevailing weather conditions in Sindh and Blochistan.
To help local businesses combat the first aid skills 'fade' among their staff during the recession the charity is offering the first annual refresher course place free of charge to each of their First Aid at Work students who completed the course after 1 October 2009 - saving local businesses pounds 55 plus VAT per booking.
Requiring a refresher course or even more extensive education to document competence has become commonplace across the nation.
MUSCAT Eoe1/4" The Oman Cricket Club (OCC) organised Al Turki Enterprises sponsored refresher course for cricket umpires kicked off to a great start on Saturday, October 10, at the Al Falaj Hotel.
Reacting to the proposal of the Roads and Transport Authority's Licensing Agency to make post-licence driving lessons mandatory, people said a refresher course could not ensure disciplined drivers on the roads.