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the physical property of a medium as determined by its index of refraction

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Melodrama's refractivity is further underscored in Edgar Soberon Torchia's summary of the film's plot on IMDB some thirty years after its initial release: "In 1830s Habana, amidst the Cuban independence movement, social climber Cecilia Valdes uses santeria to conquer Leonardo Gamboa, the son of a rich colonialist family" (n.
The trilinear model can properly estimate the refractivity M-profile via RFC method.
The molecular refractivity is higher for certain low heat release polymers such as polyimides, phthalonitriles, heavier elements like--chlorine or phosphorous containing polymers, as compared with vinyl-polymers, hence this descriptor has a negative contribution to HRC.
The vector x represents the unknowns for each constant wet refractivity [N.
Medical refractometers designed for human samples use a reference scale based on human urine refractivity and USG.
The two terms in the refractivity N in equation (2) are often separated into dry term D and wet term W:
The evaporation duct height (EDH) has been shown to be a good parameter to describe the profile of the modified refractivity versus height.
In previous equations addressing levelling refraction, the equations were expressed in units of gradient refractivity as a function of the temperature gradient.
Log P, MV= molar volume, MR= molar Refractivity and [pi] = value for Particular Substituent No.
1) Electro-optical crystal:A crystal whose optical refractivity varies with the intensity of terahertz waves incident upon it.
The model so selected depended on its correlation with wet refractivity index value, and meteorological conditions, i.
With the aim of making them more visible, the term of refractivity, N, is used [1, 3, 4, 6, 8].
2] ITU, "The Radio Refractive Index: its formula and Refractivity Data", RecommendationITU-R.
the possibility of processing materials with special physical and mechanical properties (hardness, mechanical resistance, melting temperature, refractivity etc.