refractive index

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the ratio of the velocity of light in a vacuum to that in a medium

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i] are the volume fraction and the refractive index of the i-component (monomer), respectively.
The effective refractive index is an important parameter of PCF.
Trying to bridge the gap between the inaccuracy of refractive index measurements, when used for contaminated wash baths and the inherent difficulty of analyzing unknown and non-volatile species through the use of GC, has fueled the drive to develop alternate technologies.
A disadvantage of higher refractive index material is the proportional increase in surface reflectance.
The ideal index-matching liquid should have a refractive index up to 1.
Since the epoxy is aliphatic ether, refractive index might be around 1.
They then cascaded the negative index medium with a positive refractive index medium so that the complete nanostructure behaved as one with an index of refraction of zero.
Eykman relation provides better facts for predicting the refractive indices of mixtures from the refractive index and density of pure components.
The refractive index of a medium is a measure of how much the speed of light (or other waves such as sound waves) is reduced inside the medium.
Physics and applications of negative refractive index materials.
Metamaterials are the materials that can have refractive index value that can be negative or positive that is less than one.
Conventional optical lenses mostly consist of homogeneous optical media; their refractive index is constant.
offers high clarity and stable refractive index after prolonged exposure to blue lasers in Blu-ray DVD pickup lenses and prisms.
The first article discusses concentration detectors and, in particular, the most commonly used refractive index technique.
But a team in Germany has shown that some of the layers' cells, shaped like funnels and called Muller cells, have a higher refractive index than the others.