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to cause to move, especially at an angle

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subject to refraction

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determine the refracting power of (a lens)

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It continues: "We understand the aspiration of ABDO and its members to expand their scope of practice; however, the AOP does not believe a case has been made for allowing UK dispensing opticians to refract, even with an additional qualification.
Would it not be easier for those dispensers that want to refract to take the conversion course--to optometry?
At its base the cladding picks up the regular cadences of the neighbouring Georgia Hotel, but higher up the rhythms become more diffuse, with subtle moire patterns that reflect and refract light (tested using full-scale mock-ups in Thom's office).
The halo around the sun appears when a thin cloud of ice crystals refract incoming sunlight.
A change in the perceived image is accomplished using a series of lenticular lenses to compress areas of an original image and refract them at a specified angular range, achieving a 'flash' effect for customers traveling past the products.
Holzer M, Mannsfield A, Early Outcomes of INTRACOR Femtosecond laser treatment for presbyopia J Refract Surg.
Clouds of billowing smoke produce luminous atmospherics that refract soft, kaleidoscopic patterns of color.
The prisms work together to refract, or bend, light hitting the goggles either to the left or right.
Solar ovens refract sunlight and direct it inside the boxes, which causes a greenhouse effect.
The greeny silver mirrored glass and highly polished steel of the two cubic pavilions reflect and refract its surroundings, disturbing and confusing the visitor.
The difference in the speed with which X rays pass through the teeth and air causes the beams to refract, acting like a lens, Cederstrom explains.
Although Snider seems to suggest that Bacon's confidence led to Milton's ambiguity and Butler's skepticism, this linear progression is belied by the claim that all three writers "reflect, refract, and reproduce" the "climate of doubt" that dominated the century (240).
Once charged, the recording material's ability to refract light changes.
Translucent, transparent and iridescent materials reflect and refract light to highlight and showcase the natural beauty of pearls.