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susceptible to improvement or reform


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For a reformation to be "qualified," the difference between the actuarial value of the qualified (post-reformation) interest and reformable (pre-reformation) interest cannot exceed 5 percent of the actuarial value of the reformable (pre-reformation) interest.
So the more liberally-minded, reformable dissenters can be accommodated; the very diverse, illiberal, unreformables are to be required to adhere to the letter of general laws and policies.
Por cierto, la ciencia es intrinsecamente reformable.
Siendo lo reformable, en ultimo termino, todo lo que cupiese adentro de la infraestructura escolar, incluyendo por cierto los contenidos que se ensenaban (Rama, 1987b).
En cambio, no ocurria lo mismo en el caso contrario: la sentencia no era reformable por via gubernativa, y debia apelarse siguiendo un orden judicial (110).
When comparing the Merton boy, his character, family and environment, with the childhood of the male protagonists of seduction sequences in other novels (Lovelace in Clarissa, Thomas Sindall in The Man of the World, Lord Derby in Geschichte des Frauleins von Sternheim), it becomes obvious that Tommy was destined to be another libertine seducer, or at best one of the lovable, reformable rakes who often feature in sentimental narrative.
La norme d'intervention est differente sur une question de droit: toute erreur est en principe reformable, a condition qu'elle ait ete determinante, c'est-a-dire qu'elle ait eu un impact demontrable sur le dispositif du jugement entrepris.
Exos' bracing system is a waterproof, removable, adjustable and reformable solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries that require stabilization.
7) Dicho articulo a la letra dice: "La sentencia no es revocable ni reformable por el juez que la pronuncio.
The most resilient was that Syria under the Assads was reformable.
By abandoning a potentially reformable church over a single issue, come-outerism came dangerously close to fabricating a religion of its own, a faith that was "to all intents and purposes devotion to the slave.
These individuals have the tendency to attribute failure to reformable factors and success to personal merit (Nokelainen et al 2007).
This-worldly religious hope tends to the "non-certitudinous" as it is empirical and reformable by the resistances of the natural world, whereas otherworldly hope tends to the certitudinous as it is mythical and faithin-alternative-symbolic-universe.
Otro tema destacado en este trabajo es la conexion entre genero y castigo, donde el papel de conventos y reformatorios jugaran un importante papel, habida cuenta de que por "su naturaleza" la mujer debia ser mas facilmente reformable.
Los servicios sanitarios adquieren la condicion de sector reformable para adaptarse al proceso de estructuracion economica global.