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susceptible to improvement or reform


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Si Ton transpose ce raisonnement en droit quebecois et que l'on conclut que l'interpretation de clauses contractuelles est une question de fait, une erreur hypothetique commise en premiere instance ne sera reformable que si elle est manifeste et determinante.
13) Thus, what will be argued here is in disagreement with the position of the Model Penal Code, which claims, "[T]he defendant whose crime results from an entrapment is neither less reprehensible or dangerous, nor more reformable or deterrable, than other defendants who are properly convicted.
Courts have consistently held errors of government are not reformable as there is an absence of mutuality with individual members of the public.
Cambrensis saw the twelfth-century Irish as barbarous but ultimately reformable, and Carroll demonstrates that these views had much in common with sixteenth-century critiques of colonial methods in the New World.
The modernizers found out that their "clients" were not as reformable as they had thought.
Noninfallible pronouncements like the one under discussion here are technically called authentic,-which means they are reformable, since they are subject to being in error.
Body panels are made from plastic and are dyed right the way through, which means they do not rust and are reformable after any slight knocks.
The report's author, David Grissmer, concluded that public education is reformable if monetary resources are properly allocated.
The panel's procedures and the Bank's extremely specialized policy language require a command of English and a high level of familiarity with and tolerance of Western-style legal culture, not to mention an implicit acceptance of the Bank's legitimacy as a reformable institution.
This misfortunate heritage of central planning embodied in the fixed capital stock made large enterprises hardly reformable.
The few citizens groups who hoped WTO might be reformable are now saying that if China gets in, there is no hope WTO would become more sensitive to labor, environment, or human rights policies.
The suits allege infringement of patents concerning rehabilitation of underground pipe with a deformed, reformable plastic linen
I agreed with most my fellow commission members that the agency was reformable - if we could move on a number of recommendations.