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Only after the bond market turned on Berlusconi again was he replaced by the reform-minded Mario Monti.
LONDON/ANKARA, Feb 4, 2011 (TUR) -- An analyst with the influential London-based think-tank, Chatham House, has said Turkey constituted a role model for reform-minded groups in Arab countries.
The head of a media group allied to a reform-minded son of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi resigned after an apparent power struggle with conservatives inside the ruling elite, local reports said on Wednesday, Reuters reported.
I urge union leaders, administrators, and schools boards all across America to follow the example of their reform-minded colleagues and have a more open mind toward common sense reforms.
Reform-minded columnist Ahmad Zeidabadi, 44, one of at least 65 journalists behind bars, has been sentenced to six years in prison followed by five years of internal exile in the remote town of Gonabad.
The book teaches reform-minded administrators how to move from capacity building to full implementation by empowering their colleagues throughout their districts.
To bring about real reform two things are urgently needed: first, the election of reform-minded people with fresh ideas to London; and second, the transfer of far more power from London to the Welsh Assembly.
Summary: Libya appears set to take a tougher stand with the West after the intelligence chief was named as foreign minister and reform-minded ministers were sacked in a reshuffle, a source close to top officials said.
A century ago Pyotr Stolypin served as prime minister under Czar Nicholas II, creating a precedent in the Kremlin for a strong, reform-minded and ruthlessly ambitious prime minister serving under a weak and biddable head of state.
Reform-minded state officials, including former state Sen.
This will also be the first full year of a new, reform-minded school board that has the power to amplify any successes of the mayor's reform effort by applying them to more schools.
FRENCH voters elected reform-minded Nicolas Sarkozy as their new president, giving him a comfortable winning margin, preliminary official results and projections from four polling agencies showed last night.
Zamanian, the student leader, says Ahmadinejad's anti-reformist campaign has led students to value the relative freedoms they had enjoyed under Iran's previous, reform-minded President.
Kean is countering with ads that include his highly respected father and tout him as the heir to reform-minded Republicanism long associated with the family name.
In 2005 he was pushed out of office after teacher unions led a drive against the reform-minded board members who had recruited him.