reflux condenser

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condenser such that vapor over a boiling liquid is condensed and flows back into the vessel to prevent its contents from boiling dry

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The solution was then boiled for 4 hours in a flask reactor fitted with a reflux condenser.
Twenty five (25) ml alcoholic potassium hydroxide solution was poured into the conical flask containing the oil, and it was attached to reflux condenser.
In a well dried two necked round bottom flask equipped with a reflux condenser, N2 inlet and 15-20 mL of dried THF, 1.
A solution of modified resin (114 g in 400 mL of CHC13) was charged to a 1-L flask equipped with a mechanical stirrer, reflux condenser, and thermometer.
Now, the company has introduced the ALSHE Cond, a new price-competitive version designed specifically for use in typical two-phase processes as a condenser, reflux condenser, reboiler, gas cooler and heater.
A dry 250 mL round-bottom flask equipped with reflux condenser, magnetic stirrer bar, and septa was purged with nitrogen.
The projects included demineralized water heating, white water heating, vapor take-off and reflux condenser rework.
A packed distillation column with reflux condenser and pump