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Relationships between reflex impairment and mortality were first explored for fishes (Davis, 2002, 2007) and the results were termed a reflex action mortality predictor (RAMP) by Davis and Ottmar (2006).
It keeps the infant's body in a slightly elongated position which relieves colic pain and the way their legs are positioned means they cannot perform the reflex action of bringing them up and folding the stomach in on itself," explained Dr Reid.
The key to such resolution lies in understanding the reflex action theory, a physiological model the influence of which is evident throughout James's career.
Former Gretna midfielder Paartalu savoured his first league goal and said: "The strike was just a reflex action really.
Lemerande's quick reflex action to keep the aircraft in balanced flight made the yaw movement barely noticeable.
It does seem a bit harsh as the elbow can be reactionary, just a reflex action,' said Guscott.
Many people have been bitten by the reflex action of dead snakes.
AAI offers a high-end rim called the Slam-Dunk Precision 180 goal with 180-degree reflex action for professional and collegiate play that essentially breaks away from side to side.
The poisons expert told us at the trial that the very second the acid is ingested into the mouth the reflex action is to vomit.
I remember picking up the ring from the deck as the ship was sinking, sort of a reflex action, as I can't remember just where on the ship it was.
It is a reflex action (something that happens automatically) that is set off by the "vomiting center" in the brain.
For years--ever since 1977, in fact, when the first edition of Horst Koegler's The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ballet was published--checking things in Koegler has been a reflex action for dance writers all over the world.
The company has given its Norelco Advantage to cadets at the Virginia Military Institute, and its Reflex Action shavers have gone to hockey players on the Hartford Wolfpack team.
This reflex action is the key to shooting instinctively.
Even the head of a decapitated rattlesnake can bite up to an hour after death, presumably due to infrared sensors that trigger a reflex action.