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Synonyms for refiner

something that purifies or cleans

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one whose work is to refine a specific thing

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The new machine is the fourth Papillon refiner installed in the Sofidel Group.
The refiner will use DME Oman crude oil futures for risk management and physical procurement.
Japan's two largest oil refiners agreed to merge in 2017 as a shrinking population and a shift to more fuel-efficient automobiles pushed down fuel demand in the country.
A source at a Southeast Asian refiner said his company started the year with an oil complex based on a $106 price for Brent, and even if the benchmark recovers to $90, it is looking at a $16-a-barrel loss on oil in tanks.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has approved raising the tax break offered to refiners on high speed diesel to 9% from 7.
LONDON: Libya has agreed to supply oil to four major European trading houses in 2012, a senior National Oil Corporation (NOC) source said, amounting to at least 9 percent of its crude exports, in a break from a policy of restricting sales to refiners.
This is not the best practice, as grain refiner should be added to the melt closer to when the casting is poured.
the largest oil refiner in Japan, earlier announced a plan to cut wholesale prices of petroleum products by 2 yen per liter in November.
This should include selecting and working with the right refiner for your particular requirements.
Based upon the results of a trial combined of Metso Paper Turbine Segments and Metso Automation's AQC system for the main line refiners, Tembec has now implemented a full AQC system that will control both quality and energy application for the main line refiners, reject refiner and screening system.
The title refers to a passage in the book of Malachi that compares the coming of the Messiah to the purification process of the gold refiner.
Some branded stations are company operated, meaning that the refiner owns the retail outlet and sets retail prices.
According to ABB, it has delivered the largest pulp refiner motor the company has ever built.
Under the agreement, Shin Mitsui will cooperate with the medium-ranked sugar refiner in closing its sugar refinery in Shizuoka, the two sugar refiners said.
Asia's top refiner Sinopec Corp said that it will begin buying gasoline and diesel fuel from third parties through its central office in Beijing, a move that puts further limits on China's independent oil refiners.