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take on a loan


  • take on a loan
  • borrow
  • remortgage

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renew the financing of

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The subordinated notes were not refinanced. The portfolio will continue to be managed by Apollo Credit Management (CLO), LLC.
This is true whether you just bought your home or you recently refinanced.
They refinanced their home this summer, going from an 8% adjustable-rate mortgage with prepayment penalty to a 7.5% fixed-rate mortgage with no prepayment penalty.
He also suggested that homeowners who had refinanced mortgages as fixed interest rates have decreased should refinance again to adjustable rate mortgages.
The deductibility of refinancing-related expenditures depends upon the type of property securing the refinanced loan, as well as how the loan proceeds are used.
* Weirton Steel Corp., an integrated producer of flat rolled carbon steel operating in a highly cyclical industry, refinanced its capital structure as part of an overall turnaround plan.
The effects of uncertainty on refinancing may result in very different decisions, depending on the type of mortgage being refinanced. If the homeowner has a fixed-rate mortgage, expects mortgage rates to rise or fall with equal probability, and faces small potential savings, she may postpone refinancing because the certain gains are small, large gains are still possible if rates fall sharply, and no significant adverse effects will occur if rates rise sharply.
When the exempt loan regulations under IRC section 4975 were made final in 1977, there was little question that exempt loans could be refinanced. Such refinancings were subject, however, to a requirement that a new loan be primarily for the benefit of ESOP participants and their beneficiaries.
The outstanding mortgage balance is refinanced after four years with another 30-year mortgage at 7.04%.
The remaining 28 percent cashed out some of their equity when they refinanced. That was the highest share in five years, Freddie Mac said.
The Treeline Companies also announced the commencement of a multi-million dollar commitment to upgrades at one of the refinanced buildings, 400 Garden City Plaza, which the company purchased from Reckson for $30 million during the second quarter of 2004.
Nationally in 2002, African Americans who refinanced were 4.1 times more likely to receive a subprime loan than whites.
While rising interest rates have slowed the demand for mortgage financing, clients who purchased homes or refinanced existing mortages while interest rates were at their lowest levels in 25 years now must confront the tax consequences of their actions.
For points paid on a refinanced mortgage, remaining points paid that have not yet been deducted may be deducted when the refinancing is completed and the old loan paid off.