referred pain

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pain that is felt at a place in the body different from the injured or diseased part where the pain would be expected

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When these trigger points were palpated both local and referred pain were present in all patients.
The 2009 Canadian national champion and World Championship qualifier missed last year's outdoor season with a sacroilliac joint dysfunction, which caused referred pain in her lower back.
In the literature, there are a number of studies that showed the pain, originating from the SIJ and other sources may produce referred pain in the buttock, groin and lower extremities (7-9).
It includes hip osteoarthritis, trochanteric bursitis, iliopsoas bursitis, stenosis of the cervical spinal canal, pelvic or sacral insufficiency fracture, muscle strain or tears, vascular claudication, myofascial referred pain, and facet arthropathy without stenosism, said Dr.
Renal/ureteric stone can cause referred pain in testis.
Brachialgia or upper limb pain can be due to pathologies of the joints, soft tissue and to referred pain from nerve compression.
There are of course other sources of referred pain that need to be excluded before attributing the groin symptoms to the hip joint.
The Bears made four changes after Clarke was ruled out by a lumbar spine dysfunction with referred pain into the left hamstring and joined Woakes, Rankin and Will Porterfield (away with England and Ireland) as unavailable.
Peripheral and central sensitisation also increase the area of referred pain.
It's very hard to know if the pain of which the patient complains and that you're palpating is primary or secondary, meaning referred pain.
The EFA measures muscle activity and function at rest and during full range of motion to objectively determine the nature, acuity, and extent of an injury as well as the precise location and source of referred pain," said IDI President Mary Reaston, PhD.
Sometimes tailbone pain can be due to some other spinal problem, what we often call as referred pain.
They also treat pain felt over a bone or joint but due to neuropathy, referred pain, or complex regional pain syndrome.
His study will address factors potentially explaining why some subjects are predisposed to develop referred pain in contrast to others who are not.
As the blood can leak gradually out of the spleen, the symptoms can be gradual, low blood pressure can lead to confusion and include a referred pain in the left shoulder.