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referring or pointing to something

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According to Verato, the effectiveness of its Referential Matching approach was shown during a pilot in which it discovered and resolved duplicates in CORHIO's enterprise master patient index.
QHINs will need Referential Matching technology to deliver Identity DNS at scale
By defining referential constraints, you can set up the database to control the semantic accuracy of the data it contains.
As much as one should be impressed by the fact that the nonverbal, referential contents of narrative literature can be traced in one's sensorimotor cortex, or even musculature (for a review, see Fischer and Zwaan), there is evidence pointing toward embodied simulation of yet another kind: the verbal kind.
Glanz has made a study of exegetical method and its consequences for the interpretation of referential incoherence, which is obviously challenging and runs against the grain of saying that everything in the Bible makes sense, which in fact, sometimes is does not.
The project on referential hierarchies in three-participant constructions is part of a larger project on Referential Hierarchies in Morpho-Syntax (RHIM), which is in turn one of the EuroBABEL projects funded by the European Science Foundation.
The proposal for a directive involves fundamental changes and introduces a new system of maximum values and referential values, while laying out an exemption for the sector of MRI and related activities, as well as for the military.
The position Powell advocates entails 'that there are no linguistically referential expressions, that is to say, no expressions which are constrained to refer by their linguistic meaning' (32).
This structure would allow to maintain the compliance of referential activities with the referential process.
The body was taken from the water and sent to Ibri Referential Hospital.
The body was taken from the water and sent to the Ibri Referential Hospital.
27) as the thesis that the referential function of singling out particular entities played by singular terms (proper names paradigmatically) is not reducible to other functions performed by further expressions, in particular that of predicating or describing played by predicates.
The creditors are mandated to publish on their internet sites the current amount of the interest rates and the referential interest percentages they use along with the methodology for their calculations.