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the first term in a proposition

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something that refers

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having reference

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In these three left-headed compounds the modifier represents the name of a fruit which does not actually exist in the referent as ab-and3ir, ab-alu, and ab-zerefk are produced by soaking the respective dried fruit in water and removing it before consumption.
Although there have been several studies conducted in which overall PLS components such as pay rise, benefits, or pay system administration have been examined, in my study I measured only one dimension--namely PLS (Williams et al., 2006)--because in this study I investigated the impact of referent characteristics on PLS.
Regarding the operationalization of the concepts of Securitization Theory, the main entities involved in the phenomenon explored in this study are: the securitizing actor, the referent object, the referent subject and the target audience.
The Winograd Schema Challenge is concerned with finding the referents of pronouns, or solving the pronoun disambiguation problem.
or [D.sub.n] is necessarily co-instantiated with the property of conforming to the goals of practical reasoning, whatever they are, and (ii) that it is the referent of the predicate "is better than." In this situation, it cannot be that preferring X to Y is correct and yet the belief according to which it has the property of being [D.sub.1], [D.sub.2]...
Self-reported vigorous or moderate recreational physical activity (PA) was categorized as "inactive" (< 10 consecutive minutes per week: referent), "low activity" (10 to 149 active minutes per week), "sufficient/ medium activity" (150 to 299 active minutes per week, and "high activity" ([greater than or equal to] 300 active minutes per week) according to the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans [Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) 2008].
Both higher external and higher intrinsic exercise motivation were significantly associated with total athletic identity, as well as self-referent athletic identity and social referent athletic identity.
* Reference Determiner: a condition which an object must meet in order to be the referent of, or fall in the extension of, an expression.
Having boarded with the Speaker major domestic and regional developments of major bearing on Lebanese politics, Mikati reiterated that Berri's perceptiveness qualifies him to become the correct referent. He disclosed sharing main concerns with Berri over renewed Israeli spying activity in Lebanon.
Definite reference is viewed as inducing the inherent presupposition that the speaker and the addressee share information pertaining to the familiarity, locatability and unique or inclusive identifiability of the referent of the NP within a particular discourse (Jackendoff 1972; Heim 1982; Givon 1995; Lyons, 1999; Cruse 2000).
Essentially, the framework will be used to create a referent. This paper however, while drawing on postmodern thought, is ultimately a work of critical theory because the intent is to rectify oppression, the oppression of signs not bound to referents.
In this article, I suggest that "the Law," (hereinafter the LAW) can be most functionally understood as a conglomeration of referent ideals which emanate from the minds of law creators, and are the source of what we regularly understand as laws.
For the maternal access to care index, the highest quartile demonstrated a significant protective effect compared with the referent (lowest), while no significant association was demonstrated for the high quartile.