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public vote

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a legislative act is referred for final approval to a popular vote by the electorate

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The question may be rendered not "fit for purpose", a leading referendum expert warned, over a controversial move to exclude the Electoral Commission excluded from examining what Scots are asked if, as expected, this remains the same as 2014.
"The Government has committed to holding a referendum on legalising the personal use of recreational cannabis at the next General Election," Minister of Justice Andrew Little says.
Holding of a new referendum is an important debate, firstly, is it a legal referendum?
Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau's Low Guo Nan said rebuilding the dilapidated 60-year-old market was a good thing and having a referendum to let the people decide was a waste of funds.
Under the revised Referendum Act, all referendums will be postponed until August 2021, including the proposal to resume construction on the Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant', the 'Peace and Neutrality for Taiwan' proposal, and the 'Digital Nation' proposal.
Emerging from a divisive and protracted twin presidential run, Kenya is poised to deliver a national population census in August this year, a mandated boundary delimitation, a much-talked-of but not settled referendum and finally the 2022 General Election.
Daniel Kawczynski said a second vote would be a betrayal of the referendum process, and would lead people to having no confidence in future referendums.
He said if it must be held, it must be proved beyond doubt that the referendum will bring about changes that benefit the common man."What the people are saying is that make sure this referendum is about the people.
WASHINGTON:British finance minister Philip Hammond said on Friday it was very likely that the idea of a second Brexit referendum would again be put to parliament at some point, although the government remained opposed to any new plebiscite.Hammond also said time would be tight to hold a new referendum before Oct.
NEW YORK -- Pro-Khalistan advocacy group 'Sikhs For Justice' (SFJ) has vowed to liberate Punjab from Indian occupation as registration is being started for 'Referendum 2020' next month.
IN response to Derek Thompson of Whickham's letter about another referendum, in which he quotes Ireland, Wales and Scotland (Feedback, January 19).
ALL those who have been clamouring for a second referendum, namely those who lost the first one, will no doubt try to set the format to include options other than to leave or stay.
I THINK I've worked out a solution to the Remainers' calls for a second referendum on our EU membership.