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public vote

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a legislative act is referred for final approval to a popular vote by the electorate

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I attended the press conference today as a concrete action to show my support for the referendum," Lee said to hundreds of pro-Taiwan independence supporters at a kick-off event for the campaign.
Arguably the most striking referendum took place in the United Kingdom (U.
The Kurdish delegation that visited Baghdad yesterday have not come with new agreement with Baghdad to hold the referendum in the Kurdistan region, where different views between Baghdad and Erbil on this matter," Othman told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that "the upcoming negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil depends on the acceptance of Baghdad, to the referendum in the Kurdistan region, which Baghdad is likely to reject to hold new talks with the region after the referendum.
Willie Rennie is appealing to the SNP to join the campaign for another referendum, but not the second referendum they want.
They state: "There was no proper planning for a Leave vote so the EU referendum opened up much new controversy and left the Prime Minister's credibility destroyed.
com/articles/177163/What+Is+Bulgaria%27s+Voting+System+Referendum+About%3F">referendum on the voting system, Trifonov has told the media his referendum proves the status quo can be changed.
For those who support reunification under a federal umbrella one referendum would be more advantageous than two separate referendums held simultaneously.
Upon starting a consultation on the proposed Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2017, the First Minister made clear what everyone knew: the SNP administration would "prepare the required legislation to enable a new independence referendum to be held if it became clear that was the only or best way of protecting those interests".
January 31, 2016 (KHARTOUM) - Darfur Referendum Commission (DRC) said it would distribute a number of logistical supplies in preparation to hold the administrative referendum scheduled between 11 to 13 April.
27 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Information has affirmed its full readiness to cooperate with the Commission for the Administrative Referendum in Darfur in carrying out the referendum.
The referendum has been sparingly used at the national level in both the United Kingdom and Canada.
WITHOUT being partisan, it seems easy to predict much of the jockeying which will occur at the time of the British referendum on EU membership.
Former MP Slobodan Najdovski in Utrinski vesnik comments that the referendum in Municipality Center is much more than just an ordinary referendum which regards the preservation of the City Shopping Mall.
So the argument that broke out yesterday about whether Wales needs a referendum on gaining powers to vary income tax needs to be set in the context of the likely cost of the exercise to the public purse.