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Hala Sulaibeekh said that the BSSP has succeeded in its endevour to create a library which currently includes 12 reference books on strategic planning made available by the society for the benefit of higher study or postgraduate students seeking to obtain a master's or doctoral degree.
BEIRUT: The American University of Beirut launched a landmark reference book on health in Lebanon and the Middle East Tuesday under the patronage of Prime Minister Najib Mikati.
The reference book is available on the Internet through SustainNet at
This is not a scary book for children; it is, in fact, a very good reference book that details the history of the folkloric beings.
First published in 1983, this reference book will be familiar to most fellows and trainees.
Now in its 14th year, the pocket-sized reference book is packed with facts to give everyone in the industry an overview of key statistics for cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry - including livestock numbers, market prices, abattoir throughputs, consumption, trade, and also key EU meat statistics.
Critical Issues and Practices in Gifted Education: What the Research Says (ISBN-13: 978-1-59363-295-3) is a comprehensive, yet concise, reference book that summarizes and evaluates the research of important topics in the field of gifted education.
Patrons have the option of browsing e-Reference books by subject, title, or type of reference book (e.g.
But JK may publish a Potter reference book for charity.
The Rules of Management by Richard Templar is definitely a top-drawer reference book. It is easy to read and outlines 100 essential guidelines, each accompanied by relevant quotes that drive home his points with humor and inspiration.
David Doyle's compact reference book Warman's Lionel Train Field Guide 1945-69 (0896892999, $12.99) may look small, but it's meant for take-it-along consultation, whether it be travel to a flea market, model train show, or garage sale.
Combining illuminating information with relatively few notable omissions, the Dictionary of Third World Theologies is far more than a mere reference book.
Need a good ballet reference book? Grab a copy of Eliza Gaynor Minden's new book, The Ballet Companion.
This reference book uses color screenshots and brief instructions to explain how to fix all kinds of problems associated with desktop and laptop PCs, monitors, printers, CD and DVD drives, Windows XP and multimedia equipment.
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