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a light meal or repast

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Deux ans apres les travaux de refection du stade Nyayo restent encore inacheves.
"La refection des installations du centre sportif beneficiera a des milliers de personnes de la zone ouest de la ville", a dit a l'AFP Rolando Dal Lago, charge des sports a la municipalite.
On refection perhaps I should not expect an apology.
All five grades can be extruded or refection molded, allowing use of a stogie material for tubing and connectors.
Since the dressing can now be applied before removing the procedure drape, risk of exposure to refection is reduced while speed and efficiency are increased.
The term was "simply legal language and not a refection of Kenny's character," Zellweger, 36, said in a statement yesterday.
The refection film of the first layer is semi-transparent and the bonding agent is transparent, providing instant access from the first to the second layer.
Nipah virus refection in bats (order Chiroptera) in peninsular Malaysia.
About half of these women had reduced their own abortion, and most of the rest had had a procedure performed by someone other than a licensed physician; the majority of the deaths--10 of the 17--had resulted from refection. Six of the women had sought an illegal abortion primarily because legal services were too costly or were not accessible; another four were motivated mainly by the desire to keep the abortion a secret.
Refection of an offer will not necessarily result in the immediate seizure and sale of the taxpayer's assets.
Cette infrastructure culturelle, fermee depuis plus de 30 ans, vient de faire peau neuve, apres les travaux de refection et de modernisation de ses installations, en cours de finition.
Il a revele avoir demande au president Morsi la refection de 150 passages a niveaux.