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In a counter-movement to the rapid urbanization in China, Chongqing describes how people in the remote coastal Sun Village in Fujian Province have stopped farming, not to work in factories, but to integrate traditional resources from rural society to form an industry that refashions silver and gold jewelry with shops in cities and towns throughout China.
The boutique condominium conversion project, designed by Kushner Studios, refashions the historic Adas Yisroel Anshe Mezritch Synagogue.
The noisy and acrimonious campaign for Brexit played on inchoate fears in Europe and much of the developed world: dismay over globalization at a time of intensified competition for jobs and angst over immigration as it refashions conceptions of national identity.
For every night she refashions her hair In the light of an overhanging lamp, And with a toss of her phantom head Ignores the rising damp of time.
The D.C.-based artist Christopher Locke buys confiscated scissors that belong in the "grey area between what should be allowed on the plane, and what wasn't allowed" and refashions them into strangely disquieting spiders and bugs, viewable online at