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On Friday, Owens appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America.'' A book is in the works, as are classes at a local library in Columbia, in conjunction with another "refashioning'' blogger in Columbia.
The government was ready to provide the money for the refashioning in 2010, but it was fiscally not possible.
She gets a copy of Adam Kirsch's biography of Benjamin Disraeli, who in the 19th century somehow made being an archconservative a Semitic matter, joining a club that didn't want him as a member, refashioning it, and arguably becoming the true godfather of Jewish conservatives (even though he joined the Christians, another club that didn't want him as a member and that continued to see himas he saw himselfas a Jew).
My first foray into upcycling (sometimes called refashioning, repurposing or recycling) was my great-grandma's antique sewing table.
It is pertinent to mention that the second hand clothing and vintage clothing industries have shown huge growth in the last few years, but what is really on the rise is the refashioning of second hand and vintage clothing.
AND SONIA Alleyne for a terrific cover story on Candace Matthews and her selection as BE's Corporate Executive of the Year ("Refashioning the Familiar," September 2009).
Refashioning is covered with a host of tips and secrets to re-doing vests, purses, dresses and more, from a salsa skirt to a poncho, tops, and accessories.
As Bachin explains, although most residents simply wanted to enhance their neighborhoods, by "justifying the use of park space for a variety of activities through the language of democracy and citizenship, working-class urban residents, women, ethnic groups, and African Americans could lay claim to their rights as participants in refashioning the urban public sphere." (p.
However, even Barth took a great deal of his liberal training for granted in refashioning church teaching, and on crucial matters of authority, method, doctrine, and the spirit of their thinking, Niebuhr and Tillich were liberals, not neo-Reformationists.
It was the culmination of Spears's two-month intermission from work, ostensibly to relax but in reality to begin the process of refashioning herself for a new career.
After all, what is the point of refashioning Birmingham if the first thing visitors see is one of the worst stations in Europe?
In "Lancelot Andrewes and the Myth of Anglicanism," Nicholas Tyacke establishes the shifts in Andrewes' positions from those identifiable with the reformism of the Elizabethan Settlement to ones influential in the Laudian refashioning of the English Church in the early seventeenth century.
The project involves refashioning 740 sq m (8,000 sq ft) office space into modern business start up units of 45 sq m (500 sq ft) next to Birchwood Shopping Mall.
He explains that with terms expiring on June 30 for two board members who were part of the majority support and deadlines looming to complete other projects, "it just makes sense to shelve this for a few months." And, with two new board members beginning, Bossio notes, "Some refashioning and rethinking may be required of what we have in the document at this moment to regain sufficient support; whether that might be fine-tuning or considerable rethinking is yet to be seen.