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We know that justices like Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia would like to overturn some existing cases and refashion church-state law.
Continuing with efforts to refashion both its business model and its public image in the wake of fraud allegations raised by New York state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Marsh & McLennan Cos.
Not surprisingly they proceeded to refashion their old networks of trust based upon kinship, friendship, and a common outlook on the problems facing the new queen.
Working with government agencies and arborists, Marcus von Skepsgardh and Shane Eagleton refashion discarded trees and wood into designer countertops, flooring, decking, and lumber.
Even though self-regulation has failed in some respects, as practiced by the POB it has been a huge success, and to refashion the board into something it was never intended to be, and which it is not designed to be, would be another defeat for self-regulation.
Nothing excites the media more than a chance to refashion the Catholic Church in their own image: the factual, if not theoretical, abolition of celibacy; the introduction of married priests and of priestesses; the so-called democratic election of bishops; approval for homosexuals; the abolition of supervisory controls over theological theories and opinions; and the removal of restrictions on moral behaviour, especially the much abhorred Humanae vitae, the pro-family, anti-contraception, encyclical.
One wonders, however, how it is interpreted/used by Iranian women readers in their ongoing efforts to refashion identity, and even to re-assert power.
Back home with Pop Tarts and brandy I refashion the lapsed evening.
Under this newly inked deal, the Portuguese company will refashion and pull out the airport by a period of eight months via investment of about 10 million euros.
Jesus also calls us to remake our tables and refashion our homes so we can make a place for the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the stranger, and break bread with those who have no place to call home and no family to care for them.
The attempt to stack the judiciary with nominees like Pryor is nothing less than an effort to refashion church-state law in America.
Forthrightly, Coleman posits that this attempted uprooting of the Calibanic narrative is inexorably liberating and circumscribing; he asserts very clearly that these authors' technical virtuosity has yielded nuanced attempts to re-inscribe black male subjectivity that may on one level reaffirm the dreaded Calibanistic narrative but on another concomitantly interrupt and refashion it.
foreign policy has turned direction 180 degrees with the military as the spearhead to refashion the world and get rid of unfriendly regimes.
They use what they find there to fashion and refashion themselves throughout the various stages in their lives.
Someone has spent a great deal of time creating this book and I come along and refashion the story.