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Synonyms for reexamine

to consider again, especially with the possibility of change

Synonyms for reexamine

look at again

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Rabelais' famous Praise of Debtors is reexamined in the light of other non-fictional works like Charles Du Moulin's Tractatus commerciorum et usurarum, also published in 1546.
While CPSC is still mandated by Congress to defer to voluntary standards, its interference in the standards process needs to be reexamined.
In this book, each author gives the ramifications of the church's doctrine of sin and reasons why this doctrine needs to be reexamined and reinterpreted.
This case remained unsolved until 1995 when, with support from new analysis of the 14-year-old DNA, investigators reexamined the case and identified a suspect.
Property values are as likely to go down as up, companies are downsizing and, increasingly, leases are reexamined and restructured in midterm.
She posits that subsequent events have diminished the supposed supremacy of airpower and that, consequently, its role and capabilities need to be reexamined. Both authors attempt to examine the Gulf War and place it in historical perspective through these particular theoretical viewpoints.
In February, the FASB published a research report, Reporting Disaggregated Information, that reexamined standards for reporting financial data by industry segment, geographic area and other bases for disaggregating business entities.
This book grows out of the Forest Service's own sense that its ideals should be reexamined.
But when Nick Longrich of the University of Calgary in Alberta reexamined a fossil of the creature, he found that its leg feathers resembled the ones that keep modern birds aloft.
But perhaps it is the current tragic times and circumstances that make it especially poignant and important, a view that needs to be constantly reexamined in these demanding days.
In "Cultural Thematics," the second part, selected key words and issues from King Lear are reexamined in the light of the above methodology.
333) might be reexamined to see if it reveals a correlation between intake of hydrogenated oils and risk of colon cancer.