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Synonyms for reexamine

to consider again, especially with the possibility of change

Synonyms for reexamine

look at again

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Drawing on a review of current literature and independent analysis of existing databases, this report reexamines the 1990 Institute of Medicine guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy.
Secrets of Nature reexamines this idea and similar popular views about alchemy and astrology.
This testimony addresses how the long-term fiscal imbalance facing the United States, along with other significant trends and challenges, establish the case for change and the need to reexamine the base of the federal government; how federal agencies can transform into high-performing organizations; and how multiple approaches and selected initiatives can support the reexamination and transformation of the government and federal agencies to meet these 21st century challenges.
Over the last three months we began to reexamine that concept and the deal took off from there.
The priest must share "his/her personal understanding and practice of financial stewardship" and challenge parishioners to "reexamine their own," said Archbishop Hambidge, who was the keynote speaker.
In the twentieth century, British Baptists began to reexamine baptismal theology, and Fowler finds a number of prominent British Baptists who question the interpretation that baptism is solely a symbolic act.
This book is well written, thoroughly researched, and forces us to reexamine our role in preserving the environment.
Businesses providing or receiving goods or services to or from the accession countries should reexamine the taxability of these supplies in light of EU rules in order to identify whether accession will result in different tax treatment.
Cave invites his reader to reexamine sixteenth-century (mostly French) canonical literature in the light of a dramatically changing reality.
In Golden's hands, the show should offer ample opportunity to reexamine politicized selfhood as imagined in gallery space.
Today, investigators can reexamine evidence from preserved DNA samples using newer and more sophisticated technologies unavailable when they obtained the evidence.
Gruner notes that the OECD has recommended its members reexamine their policies on tax deductions for bribes and that several members have changed their tax rules as a result.
The Board strongly endorses the Congress's efforts to carefully reexamine the existing regulatory framework for derivatives.
A passionate call to reawaken core beliefs and life practices, and reexamine the meaning of living and passing on the Jewish faith.
Yet when tragedy strikes, Madison must reexamine her life, and contemplate rebuilding a future that is not centered upon skating--and only then can she come to understand the true blessings that have enriched her life.