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the evaluation of something a second time (or more)

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Even though readministration of the WISC-R might be unnecessary in a reevaluation, some form of assessment has been deemed essential (USDHEW, 1977).
The reevaluation should be both medical -- to be sure that some cause of the pain hasn't been missed -- and vocational to assess the "fit" of the employee with the job, to determine what kinds of accommodations might be helpful to improve that fit or, perhaps, to try to generate alternatives when the situation simply doesn't seem workable.
Reevaluations for permethrin, resmethrin, and cypermethrin are slated for completion this year, and three other pyrethroids are to be reviewed by 2008.
Marsha Collins' thoroughly researched and densely written study fits squarely into the late-twentieth-century tradition of reevaluation. It is an examination of the many Renaissance and Baroque cultural artifacts which, like the Soledades, involved hidden meanings and required interpretation by the courtly or elite intellectual society.
Many icons of Mexico's patriotic histories come in for reevaluation. Arrom finds that although bringing charitable institutions under direct state control was a centerpiece of the liberal Reform, the disentailment of corporate properties mandated by the 1856 Lerdo Law brought financial ruin on the Poor House.
Among the titles profiled were lesbian activist Joan Nestle's The Persistent Desire: A Femme-Butch Reader, which arrived on the cusp of a widespread reevaluation and embrace of butch and femme identities, and Essex Hemphill's Ceremonies, a now-classic work exploring Hemphill's own life as a black gay HIV-positive man.
Moving from British colonialism to Chinese rule has caused a reevaluation of Hong Kong's identity and its future.
The request for proposal said that current statutory, regulatory, economic and technological bases of the EDGAR system needed reevaluation. The SEC is required under the National Securities Markets Improvement Act of 1996 (HR 3005) to examine alternatives that would further privatize EDGAR.
Initially, the Service had noted that during the 60 days between october 1 and December 1, it would "reevaluate all compliance programs." This reevaluation was to include "assessing the extent, if any, that compliance resources may be needed to deliver critical activities.
This proposed award, and corresponding termination, is based on Saltwater's refusal to sign a modification to its contract issued to reflect (in the agency's view) changes that occurred during a reevaluation of proposals undertaken in response to an earlier protest by NWO.
Martin's chapters on Jonson, the strongest and most engaging in the book (especially the reevaluation of the often ignored Epicene), suggest that Jonson's own wry turn on the same economic forces that Middleton examines in his city comedies is more philosophically informed.
Environmental Protection Agency, which presumably reflects the long awaited and yet-to-be-released reevaluation of dioxin's risks.
What didn't happen was a reevaluation of what Saab really was and could be, and how to use the pieces being assembled in the vast GM empire to create vehicles that met that vision.