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  • verb

Synonyms for reestablish

to bring back into existence or use

Synonyms for reestablish

bring back into original existence, use, function, or position

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Argentina's defence ministry says that several failed "satellite calls" that it believes came from a missing naval submarine have been detected, in a likely sign the crew of 44 was trying to reestablish contact.
It is important to reestablish dialogue with journalists in order to enhance the cooperation and improve the opinion on the freedom of media, both in the country and before the EU member-states," said Deputy PM for European Affairs Fatmir Besimi.
To defend nature and reestablish their freedom, Christopher and his forest friends must rescue the muse and defeat the terrible lizard.
If all goes well, these species could reestablish ecosystems that thrived in ancient times, before people began affecting the environment.
Standing up to her is no easy task and when her father uses tough love to try to reestablish his authority, she balks and runs away.
Bush has urged lawmakers to reestablish the program but this time pay for it with money gleaned from corporate tax credits.
Once their personal information goes into the public record, clients likely will be deluged with offers for credit cards, goods, services and high-interest deals to reestablish credit.
He adds that the DNR is "ecstatic" to see the renewal of the scrap tire fee and to be able to reestablish the scrap tire program.
A second objective of the program is to mentor and guide those who receive support to reestablish careers in biomedical, behavioral, clinical, or social science research.
But we must not accept defeat: the more difficult the situation in our field becomes, the harder we must work to attempt to reestablish common ground.
During the autogolpe in 1992, former President Alberto Fujimori suspended the 1979 constitution, disbanded Congress and drafted a new constitution that created a single-chamber body Now the country's Congress has voted to reestablish a 50-seat Senate and return to a bicameral legislature.
Given present plans for drawing down what is still the world's largest United Nations (U.N.) peacekeeping mission, the future stability of the country rests on civilian and military leaders' ability to reestablish mutual trust.
Beyond the scramble to restate their numbers, companies should take a number of steps to reestablish trust in their financial reporting.
Because the path manager has alerted the storage administrators to the situation, it is simple to reboot the primary server and reattach its storage devices using the path manager to quickly reestablish the primary paths.