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Christie darted back to the cabin, and softly reentered her room.
Once outside, he and Planchet set off as fast as they could; and by making a long detour avoided the wood and reentered the city by another gate.
In this more placid state of things William reentered, followed not far behind by his mother and Betsey.
He was only a minute or so inside, and then I heard the key turn once more and he passed me and reentered the house.
The two men exchanged a few words and then turned and reentered the corridor.
She reentered the room, and as she crossed it to her chair, he admired the way she walked, while the bronze slippers were maddening.
Panelo, if indeed I'm now irrelevant, trying to 'reenter the public's consciousness' as you assert, why do you still keep on hitting me with such venomous intensity?
2015) ("the provisions of the lease reserved landlord's right to reenter and regain possession of the premises upon a breach of a condition of the lease").
Foxconn Technology is likely to help its Japanese affiliate Sharp Corporation to reenter the personal computer business by buying Toshiba's ailing PC division, the Nikkei Asian Review reported.
I came to know that to reenter Oman, we need an NOC from the previous sponsor.
A police officer and a passport official have been charged with collecting bribes to help deported individuals reenter the country.
Heiner Klinkrad, Head of ESA's Space Debris Office, said that the one-tonne GOCE satellite is only a small fraction of the 100-150 tonnes of man-made space objects that reenter Earth's atmosphere annually.
WASHINGTON -- The availability of part time work and flexible scheduling could entice older and inactive physicians to reenter the workforce, a recent survey found.
citizens will need passports to reenter from Canada, Mexico in 2008.