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a renewed enlistment

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These decisions range from attending professional development schools that will impact the trajectory of their careers to reenlistments that will likely put them beyond 10 years of time in service.
Language Training for Soldiers Not Within Reenlistment Window: Soldiers not currently within their reenlistment window must contact 35M Branch Management (HRC) and request training-enroute during PCS provided the language is listed on the current SRB Message.
His most loved possession was his 1964 Blue Chevrolet Corvette, which he purchased upon his return from Vietnam with his reenlistment bonus.
The Army is shrinking and becoming more selective in all areas, including the areas of reenlistment, education, promotion, and nominative assignments.
Health-care professionals who qualify, as well as Reservists who are assigned to certain high-priority units or reenlistment categories, may receive bonuses and special pay in 2012.
* Existing obligated service requirements incurred as a result of reenlistment, training, or other programs are waived.
"Educational Benefits and Military Service: An Analysis of Enlistment, Reenlistment, and Veterans' Benefit Usage." Economic Inquiry, Volume 48 No.
Also included were some $400 million for supplemental reenlistment bonuses.
I was graciously and miraculously allowed to finish my enlistment, but I wasn't even considered for reenlistment. My sole source of income and support for my two children is gone.
Anthony Ashbeck before Ashbeck's reenlistment ceremony at Andersen Air Force Base Guam.
Lee, chairman of O-TA Precision Casting Co., Taiwan's leading golf equipment manufacturer, indicated that golf had been dropped as an Olympic sport for more than a century, but its reenlistment would help to energize the golf industry, especially with Tiger Woods as the de-facto spokesman and living legend.
Recently, as I was standing outside the hospital's conference room, my Sergeant Major asked me to come in and address his meeting of 60 or so Soldiers who were up for reenlistment. Before I had time to protest (or think) he called the room to attention and I was on the stage.