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information that makes more forcible or convincing

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a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission

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Periodic reenforcement of the interns with hands on training and IEC intervention will significantly protect them from NSIs and prevent the spread of blood borne pathogens.
Taking focus on Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point (a world-known method aimed at promotion of health and safety as well as suitability in foods), From Harvest To Dinner Table is a superbly organized and informative, providing a positive reenforcement of good and less neglected foods for the betterment of all consumers health and safety.
I want to suggest that the joint publication ought not to be dismissed as an accident happening at the time of the author's death, but rather should be remembered along with the later powerful reenforcement of that decision by Bentley as merging into what the novels are.
However, the combination of diversity and reenforcement in this collection functions as the root of the book's triumph, the lights in the title having proven their mettle through their illuminating articulations of Chappell's work.
Halsey was asked whether or not he wanted to take any battleships with him on his reenforcement trip to Wake Island, he retorted "Hell, no
However, the echo of the Praise-Singer and the market women here also promotes suspicion about the reenforcement of ritual, of the conservative rather than questioning strain of the individual's inhabiting of society.
Presently, there are two divergent trends: one, an institutional and judicial reenforcement of this independence; another, a political tendency to weaken judicial independence by subjecting it to extra-legal values.
A strong belief in Providence is wrought with risks of reductionism, accompanied by positive reenforcement of a selective reading of historical facts.
The CIA might not know where to find Osama bin Laden or Mullah Mohammad Omar; the FBI might lose track of two murderous Al Qaeda operatives who listed their address in the San Diego phone book while learning how to fly a plane into the World Trade Center; but when it comes to the tactical deployment of a flowchart, the mobilization of new investigative guidelines, or the strategic reenforcement of a press statement, our field commanders at the microphones in Washington show themselves the equal of Napoleon.
This has proved a useful and motivating reenforcement of confidence for some of our midcareer specialists, faced with an uncertain future and massive technological and social change.
We must reach children at all socioeconomic levels and should not assume that a child who comes from a middle- or upper-class family is receiving the guidance and positive reenforcement necessary.
While alcohol-based hand rubs appear promising, maintaining adherence may require ongoing educational reenforcement, compliance monitoring, and feedback to personnel.
DEVOS: You overcome rejection by doing things that give you positive reenforcement.
Some hypotheses forwarded to explain why communication increases the selection of cooperative strategies focus on (i) offering and extracting of promises, (ii) the reenforcement of prior normative orientations, and (iii) the development of a group identity.
Similarly, employers indicated that, while learning teamwork through group assignments is an important part of business education, students need other forms of reenforcement as well.