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information that makes more forcible or convincing

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a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission

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22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Morrison & Foerster introduces MoFo ReEnforcement , a new blog addressing enforcement matters affecting the financial services sector.
Halsey was asked whether or not he wanted to take any battleships with him on his reenforcement trip to Wake Island, he retorted "Hell, no
Presently, there are two divergent trends: one, an institutional and judicial reenforcement of this independence; another, a political tendency to weaken judicial independence by subjecting it to extra-legal values.
A strong belief in Providence is wrought with risks of reductionism, accompanied by positive reenforcement of a selective reading of historical facts.
This has proved a useful and motivating reenforcement of confidence for some of our midcareer specialists, faced with an uncertain future and massive technological and social change.
While alcohol-based hand rubs appear promising, maintaining adherence may require ongoing educational reenforcement, compliance monitoring, and feedback to personnel.
DEVOS: You overcome rejection by doing things that give you positive reenforcement.
Some hypotheses forwarded to explain why communication increases the selection of cooperative strategies focus on (i) offering and extracting of promises, (ii) the reenforcement of prior normative orientations, and (iii) the development of a group identity.
Similarly, employers indicated that, while learning teamwork through group assignments is an important part of business education, students need other forms of reenforcement as well.
This assumption then receives an indirect technological reenforcement.
46) In addition, the recent French Act on the Reenforcement of Environmental Protection, the so-called Barnier Act,(47) devotes a section to public participation by an association in the protection of the environment.
Thereafter, his sister's memory required no more written reenforcement.
Project Description : Reenforcement Capacity Analysis and Policy Formulation and Management of Aid.
Again, they were taught how to do this relaxation technique and the accompanying strategy, so that a regimen of 1- or 2-minute practices, 10 times a day, was the ongoing learning and reenforcement method used.
We cannot imagine a non-thieving, productive Jeeter any more than we can imagine a sociable Randy Sniffles, an honest Simon Suggs, or a Sut Lovingood without a yen for mischief: these qualities define and circumscribe the poor white Southerner, and their repetition and reenforcement provide the basis for the humorist's technique.