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marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking

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How many ports worldwide currently have the necessary infrastructure and the necessary links to internal markets to handle large volumes of reefer container trade?
Schneider has been partnering with San Diego-based Qualcomm on the Smart Reefer program to provide tracking for its fleet.
But Reefer Madness raises more questions than it answers.
Now I have absolutely no evidence that Reefer Boy and Waster have ever taken any illegal drugs in their lives.
Moreover, the committee also discussed another issue that jacks up the costs of transport brought about by the unavailability of reefer vans for perishable goods.
Any temperature problems or other irregularities within a refrigerated container, or "reefer," triggers an alarm in Aa the terminal's control office, which then sends a mechanic to investigate.
Despite credit crunch and downturns, the reefer sector is still robust, say Drewry Shipping Consultants, the authors of the Annual Reefer Market Review and Forecast 2009.
Already impressed with their first Ekeri Side-Loading Reefer, M J Griffiths have recently taken delivery of a further two trailers to enhance the company's fleet.
Its activities complement those of the Canadian Kuehne + Nagel organization in reefer cargo and allow the expansion of its customer base.
Because of the government's reefer madness, the American people may soon be denied the pleasures of certain citrusy sodas, soothing lip balms, and tasty nut butters.
But one forward-thinking importer from Puerto Rico turned the tables and used a reefer to move a great southbound cargo of--snow.
A reefer jacket has nothing to do with the cannabis debate but is a classic short coat no wardrobe can do without.
28 September 2011 - Norwegian shipping company Green Reefers ASA (OSL:GRR) said today it would get a total USD36m for the six reefer vessels it had agreed to sell to a firm owned by Green Reefers' main owner, Caiano AS.