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a square knot used in a reef line

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He said reef knots were "neater" and "less common" and it was likely the person who tied Christine had "some knot tying ability".
--While tying the four reef knots people remember the Creator, who is One; Zoroastrianism, the true religion; Zarathustra the Prophet sent by God; and finally the wearer, who must perform Good Deeds.
When a kusti breaks, a Zoroastrian can no longer wear it, because, except For the two reef knots made while wearing it, the kusti cannot have any more knots, nor can it be stitched in any part of its length.
As the priest recites the Yatha Hu Vairyo Manthra, whenever he utters the word "shyaothenanam" he ties the date palm cord into a reef knot (figures 7-9) This is the exact reef knot which is tied at the word shyaothenanam in the kusti ritual.
It was about halfway through that I thought, 'Yes, if you take all Neil Hannon the stuff about camping and reef knots and sailing and what have you, there's a really lovely story with a lot of depth to it'.
'Most people place one half-granny knot on top of another, which results in either a notoriously unstable granny knot or a very stable reef knot, depending on whether the two half-knots have the same or opposite orientation,' said Polster.
I don't feel I can criticise my children for failing to tie reef knots when I can't help them with their homework.
" CAN you tie a reef knot?" I ask my startled children over breakfast?
One senior Scout was heard to mutter that their founder, Lord Baden- Powell, "would be tying reef knots in his grave".
Turn your back on a length of rope in the bottom of a boat, (it may be called warp, sheet, halyard, but it's still rope) and it will have convoluted itself into a tangle of reef knots, clove hitches, sheepshanks, even grannies.
``As we have seen, hundreds of years of trial and error have led to the strongest way of lacing our shoes, but unfortunately the same cannot be said about the way in which most of us tie our shoelaces - with a granny knot.'' Granny knots, whether a double knot or not, are far inferior to reef knots for securing laces, he says.
The reef knot was also the strongest in comparison with the granny knot.
Officers who discovered his body found his shirt had been ripped up, tied by reef knots into a rope then tightened around his neck.
Knot expert Geoffrey Budworth, a former Metropolitan Police inspector said separate strips of Mr Evans's shirt had been tied together using reef knots to form a rope and this had been tied around his neck using another knot.